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Its been quite a long time since I posted on here. So long that I couldn’t remember my old log in details. I used to come on here a lot about 10 years ago when my OCD was at its peak and like many it was comforting to know that other people were going through similar things (although subconsciously I was probably searching for reassurance).

With the help of CBT and medication I was able to get some control over it. I have phases every now and again but they are few and far between and only last a few days compared to the constant 24 hour battering I used to get everyday. 

The issue however is that lockdown is threatening to reverse that process. I have noticed an increase in my anxiety and find myself thinking about things that I was worried about years ago. I am generally always dealing with my OCD but I am usually successful in doing that without the strong levels of anxiety.

The boredom, lack of motivation and the fact I can’t do things I enjoy has meant that the thoughts are returning with strong levels of anxiety and therefore the urge to act on compulsions is stronger. Don’t get me wrong, I am nowhere near the levels I was ten years ago but we all know that OCD starts small and grows. 

What have people done to combat OCD in lockdown and have they noticed an increase in anxiety? 

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"OCD loves a vacuum", so we do best when there is a lot to occupy us.

In the original lockdown last year we were coming into Spring and our newly-landscaped front and back gardens needed planting up.

Although garden centres weren't open, a nearby DIY store that sold plants was so we sourced the plants there and spent days working in the garden. It was great.

This lockdown our bungalow retirement home is all sorted so we have had to look for other involved things to do.

We have virgin TV and recording capability , sky and BT sports sky cinema and Netflix. We read a lot, do puzzles, cook up recipes, I write and follow hobbies on the internet.

We can keep in touch with friends and family using technology and have watercolour painting sets ready to start.

We walk when the weather is good. 

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Something else that can be done is learn something new online or from books. 

Cookery, music theory, a new language, how to do some DIY. 

You can discover new radio stations, new artists, new genre of music. 

Watch concerts and plays online, discover new authors. Visit galleries and museums virtually. 

Visit towns and cities through online guides, Google maps and Google earth. 

Play some card or board games. 

Expand your general knowledge by watching quizzes. 

We listen to radio a lot. Julie talk radio on radio 4. Me more music of a gentle nature like Smooth, Scala, Classic fm, Radio 3 but sport on 5live or talk sport. 


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