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  1. Honestly what you are going through sounds really tough and it’s very similar to what I have dealt with in the last ten years. We have to be honest though and understand that subconsciously you are looking for reassurance. Unfortunately that isn’t going to help you and stopping taking your medication without speaking to a medical professional isn’t going to help you either. Your actions are making it worse, which isn’t entirely your fault because OCD wouldn’t exist if we all just did what we are told to do. Ten years ago I felt exactly this way and posted very similar things on this very websi
  2. Sounds like you are going through hell. Maybe set your goals to a more realistic level at first. Take a 55 minute shower and see how that feels for example and go from there. Everybody is different and it’s very easy for someone to say that you should be taking 15-30 seconds for a particular body part when they aren’t going through the same form of OCD. Speak to your doctor, don’t go through it alone.
  3. I have taken sertraline since 2011 and I have continued to drink alcohol at the same time. I don’t really think it’s made that much difference to me personally to be honest. I understand it has properties which can cause anxiety so I suppose it’s about judgement. If things are not going well in the OCD department then maybe avoid it, but life can be **** enough as it is without denying yourself the sweet nectar of red wine now and again.
  4. It worked for me but it wasn’t immediate. At the time I thought that it wouldn’t help but that’s mainly because as soon as I left the room I was going back to my old ways and not putting what I was taught into practice. The more sessions I had the better I got at it and eventually something just clicked with it and I still use those techniques as best I can to this day. Therapist was good also which helps I suppose. I had one before that who kept trying to reassure me which is the worst thing they could do.
  5. Hello, Its been quite a long time since I posted on here. So long that I couldn’t remember my old log in details. I used to come on here a lot about 10 years ago when my OCD was at its peak and like many it was comforting to know that other people were going through similar things (although subconsciously I was probably searching for reassurance). With the help of CBT and medication I was able to get some control over it. I have phases every now and again but they are few and far between and only last a few days compared to the constant 24 hour battering I used to get everyday.
  6. It’s in an open forum, so I took the liberty of answering
  7. I suppose the point of him posting is because he is ill with OCD and this is an OCD forum. Five years is a short space of time when it comes to OCD and anyone who has suffered in the past should surely know just how hard it is to follow the advice given even when they know it’s for the best. Fear and panic overrides everything and people are different and overcome things in different ways, so Impatience will only make them feel worse. If it was as simple as following the advice and not giving in to compulsions then OCD wouldn’t exist.
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