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Misophonia and Misokinesia

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This might sound crazy but I think im connecting the dots. 

As the title reads misophonia and misokinesia does anybody have any experience with this. 

I believe I also have this and have read that it relates to OCD. 

The reason I know i suffer with misophonia is because I havent slept in the same bedas my partner for the past 5 years. She doesnt snore but heavy breaths and it just turns me into an evil person. I have tried staying in the same bed but im just on edge waitng and anticipating the breathing to start. Im kind of listen out for it and as soon as I hear it no matter how quiet it is that's it. 

My mind fixates on this sound and i just cant ignore it, it drives me mental and brings anxiety. 

This is also the same when we sit in the living room together and she scraches a body part, bites nails, smooths her face, any sort of movement that is constant and figiting, i count in my head to 10 and if she hasnt stopped doing it I will tell her to stop or I just leave the room as it drives me mental. Once ive seen it I cant ignore it. I feel bad as i know im the mental one but it does have a big impact on our relationship. 

Just at wondering if anyone else experience this. 

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Thanks for raising this Chris. I knew people could find certain noises annoying, but I had no idea either condition could affect people so severely.

They sound incredibly frustrating to live with.

From what I can gather it seems they can both be helped with CBT...have you already given that a go?


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