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Hi there, I have been dianosed with OCD just this week. I also have generalised anxiety disorder. Ive never had a diagnosis of ocd before and i'm struggling to see how I have ocd. I do seek constant reassurance about things and I mentally review things in my head all the time. I do tend to make lists a lot aswell. I wish for further guidance on ocd and links to anxiety. I'm feeling like there are people worse out there than me and i'm struggling to see any ocd traits...

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Who has diagnosed you? 

There's loads of information on the main charity page and recommended books available to purchase too. 

Popular opinion is that OCD involves a physical compulsion but that's not always the case.

OCD can be mild. It can be incredibly severe. It's still OCD. 

Hope you can find the information you need. 

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5 hours ago, Kirstythought said:

I do seek constant reassurance about things and I mentally review things in my head all the time.

Two very common compulsions. (Reassurance seeking and ruminating.)

The obsession part will be whatever 'triggers' you to do these compulsions.

And there you have it - obsessive compulsive disorder.

Have you been offered CBT?

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I think it would be interesting to decide which of your behaviors are OCD & which are GAD as they are similar. OCD is persistent anxiety about unwanted & intrusive thoughts. GAD is more about thoughts about usual life stresses. However, in 2013 the American Psychiatric Association removed OCD from the anxiety disorders classification and assigned a unique classification to OCD.

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