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Hi everyone hope you’re all well, I’m really struggling, myself and my husband got COVID at Christmas, so that was horrible, we obviously couldn’t see anyone, that was hard. My mum recently had to go into hospital due to a severe water infection, high temperature and terrible confusion, plus Alzheimer’s. Though we were clear by then, no one could visit, I was so worried her being all alone, and worried how she would cope. She was marvellous, she couldn’t remember going into hospital but never mind. Her brother, my Uncle was admitted to hospital as well , but tragically was diagnosed with a brain tumour, he’s home now but has been given three months, he only lost his wife in October last year. I haven’t coped very well, and still have an awful cough. My OCD has been terrible, every little thing is worrying me, I still haven’t been able to visit my parents yet. We have had some deliveries and my husband usually removes the outer packaging, but he’s not very well too. So the box is in the kitchen on the floor, it’s quite big. I just darent go anywhere near it, I keep wondering where it’s been , or what it has gone by. I know it sounds stupid, but!!!!! 
I have zero confidence, I’m still waiting to hear about treatment again, hopefully it won’t be too long. I know I really need to be stronger, but can’t.I apologise for the long post, I just needed to vent, thank you. X



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Hello Madchoc,

I’m sorry to hear you’re going through a tough time - it sounds like things have been really stressful for you. I, like you have gone through a series of traumatic events and can understand the distress you may be facing - there are lots of triggers for this to happen. 

I hope your family is ok and you are looking after yourself too. My dad was diagnosed with brain cancer too, last year, and we were given a poor prognosis. Never give up hope.

Please look after yourself 

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