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I am a rabbitchildkiller now! Trying to use logic

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I was out biking and it was getting dark. The grass was high on the spot it happened. From nowhere something jumps up on the road .50 cm from my bike tire and I drive over it. I stop and go back NOthing on the road but there was a road to this farmer's house and there it was, jumping back . IT will most cerrtainly die a painful death and I really tried to be logical and I will contact the farmer now. I think it was a wild rabbit but who knows. IT COULD ALSO be something totally else, like a cat but yeah.

SOOO is the idea that I will not think about this killer incident now? Because all I can remembe is the cute rabbit jumping back.. 😭

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Facebooks and its trolls, even invades groups when the people are having these isssues, like OCD. I mean trolls wants a reaction and are sadists according to science so OCD-sufferers are the best to troll. You get a reaction right. 

There was a troll who said I should find the animal and get it help. How I even could do that, it ran away and calling the police on something like these things  only makes you blacklisted. I once called a animal shelter when I found a hurt bird at the side of the road but they couldn't even come then, said they didn't care about smaller animals.

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