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Today my I went to get my I phone out of my pocket, where it had been for 8 hours and it was ringing emergency sos . So I stopped it . Then I got triggered because I was worried it had been ringing for a long time and my ocd kicked in and I started to panic that it had stopped someone Ill getting through etc etc you guys know how ocd gets us .

I was panicking and upset and couldn’t work out how to find out what had happened or how long call was so I asked my 2 coworkers (who I have explained my ocd to in past) who I thought were my friends , and they just started laughing at  me and massively making fun of me . One even said I sound like I should be on creature comforts (you know where animals say daft things) . I have never been laughed at in this way before . They were hearty belly laughs and not even just sniggers .

I am so angry and partly at myself for not sticking up for myself, though I was in no state to . 

I feel like I want to confront them tomorrow but I am quite scared . Anything I do will be awkward as I have to continue to work with them .

I am too angry to think rationally at the he moment . Any advice please ? 
thank you x

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I'm sorry you had this bad experience, ecomum. 

Seems to me you have 2 options:

- let it go, say nothing, and carry on as normal as if today never happened

- try to find an appropriate moment tomorrow to have a quiet word with them. Explain you were upset by their laughter and ask them how they thought laughing at you would make you feel. (Maybe they were trying to make light of it to show you were worrying about nothing. Maybe they were being unthinking and unkind. You don't know.)

If it was me I'd ( Briefly! No ruminating on it for hours!)  picture each scenario in my head, imagine their reaction and the outcome based on how well I know them and then choose the option with the outcome I most hope for. There's no guarantee things will work out how you imagine it in your head, but at least you'll be a bit more prepared to face whatever does come next.

Just remember, you don't have to confront them. Think of it as just having a calm chat to put forward your point of view without getting angry or upset. (The upset was yesterday. Tomorrow is about sorting it or moving on, not revisiting the upset. )

Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have a better day tomorrow. :)


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Thanks Snowbear

this is a very helpful reply .

I do wonder if maybe they were trying to make light of it in the way you say  and it’s always good to contemplate these things before steaming in . I do feel like they were laughing at me though . I think I’ve learned a lesson not to be so open with them anymore . And deep down I think I have confided in them a bit too much . I think this is a lesson learned . Bringing it up won’t help because it will just make a big elephant in the room . I’m going to get my head down and do my job today and tomorrow and then have a self care weekend. 
thank you so much Snow , I’ve lost count of how many times this forum has got me out of a hole .

your insightful and kind reply has really helped me .

best wishes to you .

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