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I just found out my dry shampoo has high levels of benzene in it. I struggle to wash my hair due to OCD, autism and mobility and haven’t washed it for over a year, except no rinse head caps recently. I use it about twice a week, my friend uses it too. It’s on my pillow, there is likely some everywhere. 

does this mean I’ve got the c word?

I mean it’s not as bad or worse than smoking is it. 

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It’s in my deodorant and I haven’t been able to wash because of the same issues above and the bathroom not being safe.

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22 hours ago, Phili said:

does this mean I’ve got the c word?

What C word Phili?   Cancer?   

I do feel your opening post is seeking reassurance, but I do understand why you would.  I will do my best to asnwer from an OCD perspective, without giving you reassurance if I can, but hopefully help you at the same time.

I don't know if is as bad as smoking or not, but even with smoking I have known people smoke non-stop for years and not get cancer, and someone whose only smoked a little or second degree smoke gets cancer. So sadly we can't always control what happens, we just have to live our life the best we can, and do what feels right and safe for us, in this case changing to a different shampoo and deodorant. 

I don't know a lot on the subject, but using it does not automatically mean you have or will get cancer.  However, if you are concerned you should stop using the product and find a suitable replacement.  It's also important not to let your OCD take you down a path of compulsions looking for symptoms of cancer and seeking tests, unless there is a genuine symptom of course, then seek medical advice.

Are you getting any therapy at the moment?    Worth discussing this fear with the therapist and also to work more on why you can't use normal shampoo to see if there is a way they can help you build up to be able to use it.

Please look after yourself.  Ashley :)


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Posted (edited)

I don’t have a therapist. They cancelled my therapy because I can’t get to the clinic, I’m agoraphobic and have been for nearly 30 years now and I can’t physically make it either. They said that ‘a person who wants therapy would be resourceful enough to get there” currently I have no mental health support

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8 hours ago, Phili said:

They said that ‘a person who wants therapy would be resourceful enough to get there” currently I have no mental health support

Is that in writing from them at all Phili?  If so I would love to see it.   With technology as it is now they should be offering you a choice of either online video therapy (if available to you) or some kind of home based work, on top of helping with OCD also with a view to helping you take steps to eventually get to see them in person.

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