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  1. Feeling drained and a quite down.  I know it's hardly surprising but living on my own is a real struggle right now and sleep is really poor :sad:

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    2. OB1


      Me either, although as I got into my early 20's I had female friendships too, some turned into a bit more but generally not.  I think we've evolved to live in the company of all ages and sexes, it's only the last few hundred years where we've become isolated units living amongst each other but quite separate, very British but it's not just us.  No wonder people feel more isolated especially the old but more so people my age or younger.

      My friend got back to me and said he'd just been for a run with is other half.  Would have been nice to offer to meet another time but he didn't.  I'm probably looking for something he can't offer, I think I do this sometimes.

      Did you play any sports @Avo?  I played a lot of football and for a few teams, I miss that comradery as well as the other stuff like competition and having a laugh of course!   

    3. Avo


      Sorry about your friend OB1, like you say I think people can forget or not appreciate if you are living alone. Have you tired any dating sites at all for relationships? I wonder if maybe due to the pandemic more people will feel like yourself and be thinking about finding that someone ? I accept currently you can't meet but you could strike up a rapport?

      I used to play quite a lot of football - mainly 5 a side with my mates we were in a league briefly but that fizzled out. I also quite like racket sports, Tennis, squash, Badminton but not played in years I am a tad out of shape if I am honest.

    4. OB1


      I've been using dating sites for years but no joy in meeting 'the one' so far apart from a couple of brief relationships, one of which my OCD went through the roof but I'm pretty sure I made the right decision to end it.  It's a minefield out there with some very strange people, you wouldn't believe some of the photos (not rude) and what people say, that said there are good people there too it's just sifting through the not so good ones.  I am chatting to someone at the moment so we'll see but it's hard not to be cynical because I could write a book on how many you talk to for a while and then they disappear.

      5 a side was always pretty full on when I played, no prisoner so to speak!! so easy to get injured.  I know people who played in a league and there would often be fights 😆

      Me too with the tennis and badminton, I used to play a lot.  I once beat my squash teacher at school, that was a life lesson for me as I got a pretty bad grade after that :lol: worth it though, he was a bit of an idiot. 

      Cycling and running are my thing these days, I ride and run on and off road, it's a big part of my life and helps with mental health too.

      Are you planning to get back in shape?  It's well worth it. 

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