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  1. Thanks everyone for your advice Had my first therapy session this morning. I let out all my fears, all the events and triggers that have scared me so much about pocd and my other obsessions and I am so relieved to have let it all out. The therapist didn’t judge me at all and really listened and understood my worries. I wish I had done this years ago! I am starting to feel hopeful for the future that I might recover from this finally!
  2. Update: I spoke to a mental health practitioner and been referred to a counselling psychologist with expertise in ocd. I didn’t mention specific themes as she was definitely not an expert in ocd and just said “sexual obsessions” and ruminations. I have an appointment with the psychologist on Saturday and I’m really nervous about fully opening up. It is so scary to put my obsessions with pocd out there. Does anyone have any tips or words of advice on how to just let it all out? I’m so afraid they’ll think I’m a horrible person or a danger or something
  3. Hi Everyone, I have an appointment today with a bupa mental health person to get referred to a cbt therapist but I’m really scared. I am 31 now and I think I have had ocd since I was 12. I only learned about ocd when I was 23 and over the last 8 years I have done a lot of self help and learning about ocd and cbt from this forum and break free from ocd book. The last 8 years have generally been manageable, however over the last year I have been having more serious episodes that can last a week at a time before settling down. I have several themes, the biggest being pocd. With eve
  4. Sorry I have not replied further to this thread, I have been taking time to try and think through everything to try and stop myself worrying. I have managed to reduce my anxiety somewhat but I still have worries... I think I am coming to the conclusion that it was my reaction to what I saw that was the problem and not what I actually saw. I still worry though, I know the site I was on was a legal site and so all girls have to be 18 (or so i hope) but I worry that the girls I saw looked very young like 13/14 ! I know people can look younger but what is still worrying me is the fact that the
  5. A bit of background on me: I have also had hocd since I was 14 althought I have had that beaten for the last 3 years with only the occasional minor spike. I am so worried about this that this time it's not OCD, I have no desire to do anything to children or underage girls and feel appalled by what I have done and I have been up nearly all night racked with worry and guilt! I'm in a loving relations hip and am madly in love with my girlfriend and I want kids of my own one day, this is killing me and this time I fear I've gone too far and it's not OCD anymore? I can't think straight anymore and
  6. Hi, this is my first ever post. Recently I have developed pocd (intrusive thoughts about children), I have had OCD in some form since my early teens (23 now) although i didn't know this is what it was till pocd started and I found this site. Anyways I thought I had it under control (the thoughts) but I have suffered a setback and have been up all night and crying sure this time I'm a pedo ! Anyways what happened is that yesterday I was looking at porn on one of the mainstream tube sites when next to video I was watching there was an advert for a porn site with thumbnails where the girls look
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