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  1. I know the concept of CBT and thanks anyway for your general remark. I am looking for more specific answer. Some topics, like mine which regards genital, are very hard to discuss with anybody, even your spouse cannot relate to you.
  2. I have OCD and everyday several different topics around perfection, symmetry, order, occupy my mind for a great length of time EVERYDAY. My life is consumed badly, so badly, by these thoughts. In short, I am miserable. Recently I'm so obsessed with my genital. When lying on the bed, I feel so stressed and anxious. I feel a strong urge to impose some rules on how my penis and balls should be positioned relating to each other. My mind says that your penis should be positioned so that on ball is on one side of penis and the other one on the other side of it. I try to adjust and adjust compulsively my genital to get this perfect arrangement. If I move to the left or right then I have to re-adjust them. While walking, or sitting I have the same obsession too. Should my life be like this? Should my hands be on my genital adjusting and re-adjusting my penis and balls for perfect position and arrangement? Is this life??
  3. You are perfectly right, ERP cannot fix my thinking errors I have. I DO need a cognitive fix so that I could expose myself to the situations I avoid. Thanks for your attention as the administrator of this great site. I'm seriously helpless in my struggling. Yesterday, when presenting in an afternoon class I take, I started to panic about HOW I should stand in the classroom in front of students when reading and presenting my lesson. Should I face the classroom directly or tilt so that I face the teacher and classroom? What is the correct way for me to stand when presenting a lecture? I'm badly bugged by these kinds of obsessions. I need help.
  4. You are right, but I DO need some exposure and response prevention specific to my condition, without it I don't know how to cope.
  5. Hello everybody Any good book/books on treating obsessions regarding perfectionism, just so, good vs bad place, right vs wrong way , symmetry, etc? I really hugely appreciate your help because I suffer badly and I think finding appreciate treatment is so hard for this type of condition. Thanks all
  6. Even when not looking down, we can notice how we are walking.
  7. When I'm walking, I don't know whether I should walk along one horizontal tile row in front of me OR put my feet on the space between two rows so that I'm not on exactly one row of tile. Whichever way I choose, they are done deliberately and consciously and by choice and I can't escape it; I want to walk without paying attention to the way I walk and my feet are. This is very much bothering me. Please help me.
  8. This specially bothers me when I'm on the phone talking, I loose track of the conversation an become a real idiot. Distracting doesn't work I think.
  9. Even if I don't look I notice how my feet are on the tiles. I cannot pay attention because it is in my consciousness. If I walk down a row is it considered as a compulsive act? Can you tell me more? I know this is crazy.
  10. Hi everyone I m a ocd sufferer and very perfectionist. I suddenly noticed how I walk on pavement tiles. The tiles are square and big enough that you can walk along a row. Now when walking I go into a panic whether I should walk along a tile row or if it is considered as an compulsion I should avoid this and walk so that my feets are on two rows or on the space between rows. This is so crazy but please help me on How To Walk On Tiles? Is it the "just right" ocd type? I'm very confused. Please help Thank you all
  11. Hi everybody! I've been diagnosed with OCD and recently got the new obsession that when sitting cross-legged on the floor and talking on the corded phone, the phone body should be placed in front of me at center and should exactly face me(I mean, keypad and body not facing the sides; center and facing me). How does a normal person place(position) the corded phone when sitting crossed-legged and talking? Please help, please...
  12. I wanna say that until the thought popped in my mind (the thought that the doors MUST be closed and it's the right state for house doors) the doors in the house was usually whether open or partly open with no disturbance for me and they become closed only when they need to be so such as for a private conversation or studying, .... But suddenly this became an issue (obsession) and a rule was formed in my mind that the doors not being closed is the wrong way for them and not following the rule triggers severe anxiety in me. After this obsession I'm now terribly confused about how to keep the house doors. Such a great pain! I'm extremely grateful if you can help sort this out. Tell me about my thought's validity, and how you personally keep your doors.
  13. Thanks for your attention. I give more details in the following post. I'm grateful to you if you can help.
  14. Hey Recently, I got a very strong obsession to keep the doors of all bedrooms, living rooms closed. I feel this strong need to close the doors just because I think It's the right way and how It should be and not closing it causes great anxiety. I think leaving the doors open is NOT orderly and correct. I feel this need mostly when the room is empty and want to keep its door shut. How do you as normal healthy people keep the doors of your home rooms regarding this? I've got previous other OCD obsessions and I'm confused about this current concern. Thank you so much if you give me any insight about this new concern and if this concern is yours too? Thank you
  15. I do not fear anything HAPPEN looking at my reflection or other objects' reflection, it's just a bad feeling. I don't know why reflection not only just of mine but also of other things and objects in general is so overwhelming!
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