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  1. Gemma, I think i missed your post. I'm only reading it right now. Thank you. And don't worry you're not reassuring! You're helping me. Arrow, thanks for caring so much. You're all really helping me.
  2. Yes Sodovka, for someone with health OCD this is hell! And yes I understand this devilish disorder but sometimes I feel weaker... The noise that you're talking about sounds so "real"... That's my main problem. The obsessions seem to be so REAL that I simply feel overwhelmed... Thank you, for my english. I've read so many things about OCD and the majority are in english. And yes I should start a portuguese forum. OCD patients in Portugal don't have much support other than the doctors... But thank you for your help :original:
  3. Thank you nikko. I'm trying to do that :original:
  4. Hi Gemma, yes I've read the book. And thank God I did. I've learned so much about this devil disorder. But as you know there are stronger obsessions and sometimes it's really hard. Tomorrow i'll have an appointment in the eye institute. Of course I'm anticipating the worst...and right now at this very moment the ocd is telling me terrible things.Magical thinking can terrible... The OCD is telling me that I shouldn't be writing on this forum (can you believe that?!?!) It's telling me that I should isolated and scared...But I'm writing anyways...!
  5. Hi daydream, as a health ocd sufferer I know what you're talking about. In fact I had that exact obsession years ago. I'm a musician so you can imagine how scared I was. It turned out I had too much ear wax. My doctor just cleaned my ears and I was ok. I also had an obsession about being bald. So my hair was falling like hell. Then one day I just didn't care anymore. Result: my hair stopped falling and it even became stronger... hope I helped
  6. HI Gemma7 Thank you for your reply. I just went through a moment of panic. But my OCD tends to be strong with health issues. I've been suffering since I was 8. Now I'm 33 and I've been on medication for a decade. My OCD triggered a Major Depression. But now I don´t feel much relieve from meds... Only Zoloft calms a bit down. Then I turn to psychotherapy. I read Dr.Schwartz's book. That helped me a lot. (I'm from Portugal, by the way. So if I make any mistakes, please understand) But as you might know CBT is difficult, sometimes. Lately I've been diagnosed with a disease of the cornea. My eye doctor told me that the solution would be a transplant. She calmed me down. Then she refered me to a cornea specialist. I have an appointment next monday. You may know that uncertainty might be one of the most difficult things that a person with OCD has to deal with. And I hate hospitals, medical exams, check ups, etc... And now life throws this situation at me...Meds hardly help, psychotheray has been difficult...so I turned to this site and the forum. I noticed that other people with ocd just understand better and are able to help better. There's not a forum for ocd in Portugal... all I want is peace of mind and to have the "Ex-sufferer" status... :helpsmilie:
  7. I have health OCD. I found out that I'll have to have a cornea transplant. I'm terrified I'm might go blind. All there I was planning to do will have to be on standby. I feel like, lately, I have been abandoned by God... I'm afraid...........please.....help,please
  8. It's a quirk of nature that the brain is wired to actively look for things which support what we already believe about the world (seek reassurance things are as we think they are) and to reject or overlook what doesn't support our current understanding. So when the voice in your head screams 'DANGER! This is a threat. I'm unsafe'' it confirms and reinforces its own belief system that the threat is real. But you can break this cycle by programming the voice in your head to repeat back to you what you want your new belief to be. ''This is ok. I'm safe.'' You won't believe it at first - because your brain hasn't heard it often enough to adopt it as a core belief yet. But over time you break the brain cell connections you made when you learned 'This is a threat' and instead make brain cell connections that reinforce the new belief 'I'm safe.' Then, when the things that once triggered fear arise again, your newly taught emotional centre scans it's belief system, comes up with ''I'm safe'' and instead of screaming 'DANGER, FEAR!' it shrugs it off and leaves you to get on with your life. Thank you PolarBear
  9. Negative: I'm scared because I'll probably will have to have a cornea transplant Positive: I gave a piano lesson to a young girl and she just brightened my day
  10. Hi Arrow, it turns out I have a scar in my cornea due to a condition called keratoconus. There are a lot of treatments. But in my case I was told I would have to have a cornea transplant. The doctor calmed me down. She was very nice to me. But... I could not resist and went to check the internet again about all types of cornea transplants... The doctor told me not to that... But... IT'S SO DIFFICULT!!!!!!!!!!!! Some friends and family tell me to calmly wait for the appointment at the eye institute... But the internet...it just "kills" me... But for now I decided to detached myself from the problem. It's not in my hands, anyway... Thank you for your concern. I hope you're ok too
  11. Hi, those type of cysts are very common. They come and go. No need to worry about it. As for your fear of having warts...that might be an obsession. Trust me, I know how it feels... You start to anticipate the worst... You're not living the present moment. If you look so scared and worry then it will be almost impossible to even meet a partner. So relax. I also suffer from health OCD... just let your life flow
  12. Hi, I'm new here. I've been suffering from OCD since I was 8 years old. I know this devilish disease. Sometimes I can handle it, other times I can't. My main problematic area is about diseases. Yesterday I consulted an optometrist. She said I had a lesion/scar im my cornea :helpsmilie: She didn't know I have OCD. I could punch her in the face. she was so insensitive! She didn't calm me down. I felt like ... there was no floor underneath me... I immediately got an appointment with my eyedoctor. I have to wait 3 days till the appointement. You surelly know how difficult it is to wait. Then I sarted to make compulsions. Cheking on the internet everything about cornea diseases. I'm exhausted...I'm terrified...Ther're so many conditions... I take medication for my OCD and I use the 4 steps. But now...it's difficult... Terrible thoughts are crossing my mind... oh GOD :down:
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