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  1. Are you taking steps to get help though? For OCD, not anything else. Don't give up on that.
  2. P.S. If you're getting videos like that popping up in your feed it's because of previous searches. It's sending you you what it thinks you'll be interested by, that's all. If you delete your search history that will help stop that happening, and then stop searching for more!
  3. Hey, I haven't followed all of your posts, but I've read a few, I wanted to add a few things. I've had harm ocd and sexual ocd in the past: I think you need to seek out a professional, but it's so so easy to let it go, get swept along, turn to other things, especially when you're struggling. You need to make that a major focus and don't put it off. You need to fight to find a therapist who is right for you. I've had experiences of telling parents and doctors things weren't OK and getting nowhere, but then years later finding the right person. So make it your priority and don't stop until
  4. I think maybe it's made harder by cultural things. They way we drink in the UK, especially when young, is probably seen as excessive in some cultures. So AA could say you're an alcoholic but I wouldn't say you sound like it. I've had an alcoholic in my family, and you definitely don't fit that description, I've also heard of 'almost alcoholics' who drink a bit too much each week to relax (glass of wine or two each evening), I've been there, but currently getting on top of it. I would say seek treatment for OCD, not drinking, you're still young, don't let it mess your future up!! Be aware
  5. Yeah these days I do. Just struggled a lot when I was younger. It's tough!
  6. Maybe this is a strange question. I had a lot of trouble in my family because my parents were both very difficult when it came to understanding my mental health problems and doing stuff about them. They meant well, but it was very hard to get through to them. I think part of my reason for finding it so hard is that - if you have OCD you know that somebody blaming you for something could really upset you. Being told one thing which the OCD latches onto could hurt you for months, years even. So, you assume that that's how it works with other people. Like I hated the fact that my Dad smoked
  7. If it makes life difficult for you then it might be worth looking into a diagnosis. In my case I really struggle with organisation, sleep and many jobs. Between that and OCD it's really made life hard.
  8. Hey, thanks for that insight. Maybe it is that way round. There's definitely an OCD element to it, in that I can stop doing it if I use mindfulness. But it may well be behind the OCD at the same time. My family were difficult in a way I still don't understand. Two therapists have also been at a loss for how they acted. They turned what should have been a manageable situation into a total disaster by not doing any of the sensible things I expected, not being able to grasp simple things like OCD being a long term condition which could recur. In spite of being well-meaning people, they really mes
  9. I just wondered if anybody else gets this type of OCD and compulsion. Without going into all the details, my parents were well meaning people who were completely tone deaf to mental health. They found it incredibly hard to understand my OCD and this was on top of my Dad struggling with alcoholism. Anyway, it has caused me a huge amount of harm and meant I've missed out on what could have been a great life. My Dad is no longer alive, but my Mum is and she tries to help me a lot these days. I'm not naturally someone who likes to blame people and make them feel bad. The thing is when I get OCD sp
  10. Yeah it's so hard! I don't really have contamination OCD but I was being at what what I'd call the far end of normal cautious. I think I'd say follow the government guidelines. Can you see where they end and your obsession starts? It's about doing what is reasonable to keep others safe. I think you could check up, without it being reassurance, as long as you don't keep checking. Just see what they recommend and stick to that.
  11. Yeah I think that's it! Have to fight it. Indecisiveness is part of it too I'm sure.
  12. Maybe this is a strange question... Ive had OCD since age 14, and I'm 40 now. I've struggled a lot in terms of direction in life. As well as bad episodes of OCD, I've had more low level perfectionism making it almost impossible to decide on a career direction, and making me feel that everything is spoiled somehow or other (and some other messed up stuff I won't go into). As soon as I find a direction my brain seems to get busy finding a reason I can't do it for a job. Some OCD related thing. I think now I could move forward and stick to something, but it's so hard to decide what to do. Everyth
  13. This is a late response but I really related to your initial post. I have read your initial post and this one here. I had a breakdown which was similar to this in a way and absolutely destroyed me for months. I had another shorter one where I saw some videos of underage girls in swimming costumes on Youtube when I was looking for something else. I wasn't aroused by it, nor had I been looking for it, but that's OCD for you. It's like you feel guilty by simply having seen something. I really feel for you trying to get answers over some random image online. I know offering reassurance is the
  14. Hey, sorry if I'm hijacking this thread. It's very interesting to me. My Dad was very perfectionist. He was brilliant at making things - wooden furniture for example, but he would get irate if things were wrong. He smoked a lot and drank way too much and I think it was connected. I don't know for sure if it would count as OCD. I do have OCD which takes many forms. I definitely have elements of perfectionism at work. I also have ADHD, so am prone to making stupid mistakes. So - can you imagine what that's like?! I had a really bad breakdown and relapse of OCD when I found I'd have to go back to
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