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  1. Mainly health implications but the aesthetics do bother me a little. Not sure what you mean by "bear all within the confines of public decency!"
  2. It is really hard tho when there are genuine odd asymmetries in musculature and muscles strength that I can't see on others. Makes me want to cover up completely so I can't be seen but not possible in this weather
  3. Bump. Is this even solvable without medication as well?
  4. Can you try a breathing exercise or meditation or something to try to calm the autonomic arousal before you get up and start your day? P.s. yes I often have this too
  5. There is no guarantee of that although I am hopeful elements of it may improve. And that is weeks away yet.
  6. I'm with you there. I find the more brain space I have the more it takes over. But then stress and feeling overwhelm also allows it in too.
  7. Heavily pregnant and desperately trying not to end up on meds again before the birth. But have gone down the ALS rabbithole again and have developed a ton of compulsions including googling pictures trying to find others with similar asymmetry between limb muscles to me, comparing appearance of my own limbs and tests of muscles strength particularly hands and feet. Not finding MH services overly helpful at present. Anyone been through similar who can help talk me through the hard times when I'm panicking about muscles failing and deteriorating??
  8. Personal experiences were different during and after each pregnancy. However I've also heard of women who found improvements in anxiety during pregnancy. Worth looking into perinatal services locally as they sometimes offer preconception advice.
  9. I massively struggle to divert myself from worries at present. Not helped by having a number of very stressful things going on in life at the moment so the only thing that diverts attention from one obsessive worry is often a different one
  10. Thanks @Saffron37 and @Angst. The sock thing seemed to work well but, somewhat unsurprisingly the fixation has now moved to my hand (specifically the muscles between my index finger and thumb - that they are much bulkier on one side and there is a dimple/dent in the smaller side) which I can't avoid. Any advice for this??
  11. Thank you @Saffron37. I must admit I wonder if my ocd has latched on to this as some sort of avoidance of other worries about the health of my children (both of whom waiting for appointments for unrelated things and causing me ++ anxiety)
  12. That lots of people have thoughts about their sexuality, sometimes doubts and some point or other in their lives. But it's the interpretation of those thoughts and the importance you are ascribing to them that make the difference. You are panicking and ruminating about it. Most people who have these thoughts would not. I didn't think the poster was implying anything about your sexuality.
  13. Hi all Lots of things going on in my life at present that have piled on the stress and are quite overwhelming. I won't go into details as in essence it isn't massively relevant I dont think. Unfortunately this has let to a big surge in my OCD symptoms in so many different areas it is hard to keep up with. I am working with a therapist but with so much going on its hard to get a handle on things. One of many current concerns is I noticed a change in the appearance of one of my toes recently. It almost looks like it has a dent in it. My brain immediately leapt to muscle wasting and ALS and I was having a panic attack before I even realised it had made this connection. Have since really struggled to cope with compulsions aimed at reassurance seeking including spending huge amounts of time googling and comparing my feet with others. Also looking at my feet all the time in different positions, lighting, etc. I don't think my partner realises how consumed I am with these thoughts constantly (which on the plus side means at least I'm not badgering him about it constantly i suppose). Aside trying not to do these things does anyone have any other suggestions? I have put socks on today as I can't help myself staring at my feet otherwise. Is this a good idea or somehow avoidance and likely to make it worse? I'm so tired of everything going on in my brain.
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