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  1. Well yes, because generally speaking I would think those that are managing it well probably don't feel the need to post?
  2. It sounds like you may benefit from referral to perinatal services, I know at least some will do preconception consultations to discuss all these things.
  3. I'm not saying this isn't ocd related, however, I have found @McW answers helpful and don't think I googled at all yesterday.
  4. Thank you. It's good to know that some professionals do do their due diligence etc. Do you know anything about how likely it is that there will have been loose asbestos insulation in my old property?
  5. Not even if it was loose asbestos insulation which I've been told "contaminates everything" if disturbed. Ive no idea how commonly this is used in domestic properties. I also don't think mesothelioma is as dose dependent.
  6. I genuinely think that it is potentially more significant than you realise, as if there was loose asbestos in the loft it does contaminate everything and can't be removed by simple washing / vacuuming. It is the most dangerous type.
  7. I do accept that except when it comes to potential risk to kids. Surely it's not worth it in that case?!
  8. I could get rid of anything that was ever in that house. Or arrange some sort of testing on it potentially.
  9. To be honest from what I've read I genuinely think the risk, if there was loose asbestos is high. Like I say I accept there may not have been.
  10. Hi This was work on an old house in which structures were broken up as you can see in the original post. I knew nothing about asbestos risk then and it's only since becoming aware that I've begun to worry. No I don't know for certain it was there but there is a good liklihood it was in the artex. I accept I have no evidence for or against in being in the loft but the risks if it was are huge. I can't do anything reasonably to confirm or deny this now without contacting the new homeowner there and appearing insane. I accept there is nothing I can do about what I may have beeb exposed to tho it does still terrify me. But I'm concerned about ongoing risk particularly to the kids from soft furnishings that were in the house at the time as any asbestos present can't just b cleaned off by bunging it in the washer or hoovering etc
  11. Thank you @determination987, sadly its the least of my worries right now
  12. The problem is that the risk is either minimal/none (I.e. there was no asbestos insulation so no ongoing contamination risk), or it is high (it was present, it contaminated everything and we are continuing to expose ourselves daily). I don't feel I can just sit by and hope it's the former!
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