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  1. It may be worth speaking to your gp as perinatal mental health services may be able to offer preconception advice.
  2. She is asleep now so definately couldn't justify waking her.
  3. She has been complaining of stomach ache today so of course my anxiety has shot through the roof again. Her appointment is a week on Friday. I have no idea how I will get through until then! 😢
  4. I had my first panic attack for a while today followed by breaking down crying. Not been this affected for quite some time:(
  5. I know it isn't one of those things as no.sign of those on urine test sadly
  6. My 4 year old has been found to have blood in her urine. She had it in March too and they should have checked it again to make sure it had gone but they didn't. Of course I am now absolutely terrified that she has something terribly wrong with her and that it has been left unchecked for many months. She has been referred to paeds but God only knows how long we will have to wait. How do I get through this time?? I don't want it to affect her Christmas.
  7. I've lost my sense of smell unfortunately. No question as such I guess. Just tips to cope, particularly if anyone else with ocd has been through this and found anything helpful
  8. So I was diagnosed with Covid last week which came as a real shock. I was convinced I just had a cold until I lost my sense of smell. I am self isolating at home with my partner and kids but my OCD is of course going on over time worrying that I'm going to die or get long lasting effects and that I'm going to give it to my family and they will have the same outcome. Going out for a walk is one of my main coping mechanisms as is using nice smells. Struggling not having these options.
  9. It's poo isn't it. Great that you managed to have some good times tho.
  10. I know what you mean about it latching on to anything, it's exhausting. But the last thing you need is reassurance, as much as you think you need it. I am sure you know that.
  11. Gosh this sounds so exhausting and I understand why you would are worried about it affecting your course. Have you spoken to the uni about it? Have you ever seen a therapist and/or done CBT before?
  12. Non OCD sufferers can and do have any number of random intrusive thoughts- there have been studies on it. The difference is the significance we place on them.
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