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  1. Mood (as in - she is in a cob- this might be a local thing!)
  2. This is exactly how I feel, but much much more eloquently than I could have.
  3. It has escalated my health anxiety, ie what if I have x undiagnosed condition. Worry about family becoming I'll Very stressed about not being able to go out as it is my main way of coping Worried about being called back early from mat leave (work in healthcare) and being unable to cope and my little one not being ready for me to go back Worry if nursery closes having two kids at home all day who don't understand why we can't go out will finish me off Worry about not being able to get basic food and toiletries due to others panic buying etc
  4. Who.is prescribing your meds? I think the key is that anything you do with them should be with the support of your therapist and the prescriber.
  5. I've had peaks and troughs throughout my life but in hindsight it's been there since childhood. I couldn't hazard a guess at age.
  6. Hi all I have had the feeling of something being stuck in my throat for two weeks now. A doctor looked down my throat about a week ago and couldn't see anything. I've been not too anxious about it, but I'm getting increasingly more so and having an enormous urge to Google. But not only am I aware that is a compulsion but also think that would make my anxiety worse by convincing me it is ALS or something equally catastrophic. Any tips to help me not go down the rabbit hole??
  7. Yep I have this. And even when I've thought nothing else from the last could possibly do the same, lo and behold, something else comes up. I can confirm reassurance seeking doesn't help!
  8. Must stop staring at my hands looking for fasciculations/ muscle wasting. It's overtaken looking at my feet. Any tips other than distraction?
  9. Wow it sounds like you're doing amazing! Very inspiring to those of us struggling.
  10. Bloods haven't shown much other than high ferritin which is odd. Neuro appt in late June.
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