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  1. Poor guy, I know full well what these thoughts are like. My therapist tried to dig out what my intrusive thoughts were and I couldn’t share everything out of fear of reprisal. Mine were a variety of taboo topics which I knew disgusted me and I had no will to carry out. He managed to get me back out riding the waves of anxiety with CBT. I think what helps is knowing there is no silver bullet to end it. You adjust and live on without it consuming you. (Or at least try).
  2. If it disgusts you then could be intrusive thoughts and your therapist can help you with that. I had all manner of horrible thoughts that I couldn’t believe were coming from my mind. When I was seeing a therapist the technique that worked for me was the diffusing technique. It might be something mentioned already but I found it a real game changer. I was told to do this every time I had an intrusive thought. Repeat this in your head. 1. “the intrusive thought” 2. “I’m having a thought that I’m” (insert intrusive thought). 3. “I’m noticing that I’m having a thought” (insert intrusive thought) 4. Repeat 3 but in a stupid voice. My therapist said to use Mickey Mouse. But I went with Darth Vader! I found doing this helps break me from the intrusive thought loop with a bit of practice.
  3. Personally, I wouldn’t worry about it. Sounds like a normal response to someone you like being around.
  4. How close of a friend? Are you interested? If your that worried ask how keen he is and would he have a problem if you reached out to her. If your friendship is more important I wouldn’t personally make a move unless you know your friend is okay with it. Is this causing you anxiety? Or do you want relationship advice? (probably need another forum for the latter 😆).
  5. Thank you all for your advice. I’ve seen doctors about my ears and chest pain before and the other symptoms I’m just trying to live with. My Wife is only now starting to understand that the physical side of OCD can be just as taxing as the cognitive affects.
  6. I have intrusive thoughts and know how crippling it can be to my rational thinking. A month or so before COVID reared it’s ugly head, I started getting this feeling of mortal dread, like something terrible is about to happen to the world. When it came the dread lifted from my mind. Such an odd feeling, especially being an anxiety sufferer. I’ve never believed in the supernatural, not to say I’m not spiritual, however this is the first time I felt a weird connection with the psychic world and may pay attention to it more if the feeling were to return.
  7. Hi All, I’ve been living with OCD (health anxiety and intrusive thoughts variants) for several years and have had multiple relapses. I have found diffusing techniques the best form of dealing with my OCD. However, lately the physical symptoms have been consuming me! Has anyone had the following? Chest pains Light headed feeling, like your briefly disconnected from your body A wave that goes over your body and feels like your heart just stops for a second? Hearing your pulse in your ears. (Recently saw a Doctor about this one). Headaches (like your heads in a vice) I hate seeing doctors now, they know about my mental health and I know I’m just wasting their time seeing them, especially during this pandemic. If anyone has these feelings or advice it would be greatly appreciated. take care all, Wave Rider
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