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  1. I totally understand that, but to repeat what Malina has said you do have answer that explains it all, OCD. Everything you say resonates with me just like Malina said but you wouldn’t turn round to me or Malina and say to either of us that we don’t have OCD, so please stop saying it to yourself. At some point Cora you’ve got to change how you react to these things maybe the first step is by not posting in detail, maybe from now on your posts can be ‘had a rough day would like to talk’ instead of your detailed thought process? Little steps all help xx
  2. Cora, you know no one is going to give you the answer you want. You have to stop posting everything you think/ feel it’s just brings everything to the forefront of your mind your goal now is to not think and analyse this stuff constantly. Getting better does not mean finding an answer. You analysing your motives is exactly what gets you into this mess, I know it feels automatic sometimes but when you catch yourself doing it try and distract yourself. sending you lots of love, you can do this!
  3. Thank you Cora, I hope you’re staying strong as well. my head is all over the place at the moment, I just want some peace! love and hugs to you too xxx
  4. I read a post last night that triggered me it was about anime. I have always felt weird about anime because i thought it was creepy but in this post someone had mentioned they were attracted to it and they had researched that the girls in it were under age. I started freaking out thinking ‘what if I felt weird about it because I was attracted to it too’ I really don’t want to be and these thoughts are making me sad and I feel like it’s knocking me back again. I just keep thinking am I attracted to it and having flashes of bits of it I’ve seen (I’ve never watched anime’s but I have seen adverts etc) and I’m unsure what I feel. I hate groinal responses because I really don’t want them and it confuses me massively. any comments on this would be appreciated
  5. I haven’t posted in a while- I won’t say things have been going well but I have been plodding on. I keep getting horrible urges and feel like I have to distract myself intensely in order to not fall for the urge which is horrible because I really don’t want to do the thing the urges are telling me. another thing which seems to happen a lot is that I always feel like I compare myself to other suffers and feel like I’m different which makes me feel like I don’t have ocd which in turn makes me feel very isolated. Sorry if this is a bit ranty. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas
  6. So glad you spoke to your therapist Cora very proud of you! x
  7. Hi Jumbo, Aw I’m gutted your trip has been cancelled. I know it’s not much but I will definitely pop on here on Christmas Day, so if you fancy a chat I will be here. I really like iamwesker idea of having a total pamper day and eating what you like and watching what you like.
  8. Thank you so much Malina. I will keep trudging on and hope these thoughts pass.
  9. I have been doing okay, but today I feel like I’m never going to get better. I keep having thoughts like ‘you’re not going to get better because this isn’t OCD’ do I treat these the same as other thoughts and not react to them? just think I need some words of encouragement to keep going today
  10. Bless you, I am definitely not better just in a better place to fight it, still a long way and lots of hard work yet. you say nothing can stop you, yet you haven’t done it- that is the important point. I know how real it feels and how horrific it makes you feel inside. And then because that’s not bad enough it makes you feel like you want these thoughts. I understand. I know how easy it is to take all this so called ‘evidence’ your brain provides and take it as a false reality. But we can’t. We’re lucky in a way because we can go through this together. But first things first stop calling yourself a monster. I was also doing that but it makes the power of OCD stronger. What steps do you think you could do to help yourself? The hardest bit is the guilt and feeling like you don’t deserve to get better but you have to try regardless. You will feel like **** the first few days and it won’t feel like it’s helping but then you will have ten minutes where you feel normal and that ten minutes will increase to twenty minutes. Each time you don’t react to the thoughts by calling yourself a monster or by getting upset they get weaker. And I will be here going through it with you (do not say you’re different because that will not help) and I will be posting when I need a little bit of encouragement too. I don’t want you to reply saying but I am different because a b and c. I want you to say a big FU to all the so called evidence And just at least try for a few days.
  11. Cora, I know you think dwelling on this is the only way believe me I have been there. But you have to try and not react, as hard as it. You have read my posts and you know I have been in a bad place and the only way I have managed to come out of it is by not reacting to the thoughts, feelings and urges. Try your very hardest to treat this as OCD even just for an hour and then for another hour even when the thoughts are screaming at you keep ignoring them, keep busy if you have to. Things become clearer, I promise, you just have to try. We can keep posting support (and we will) but it will mean nothing if you don’t try.
  12. Let’s try and focus on something else Cora. what are you studying at Uni or college
  13. Cora, please do not listen to Kticktocks comments. I know they will have been incredibly hard to read. You have a formal diagnosis of OCD, do not take one persons comments to heart.
  14. Hi Savvy, I am also struggling with something similar I can really empathise with you. I also use to be incredibly sensitive and empathetic and I feel like I have lost it all. I don’t have much advice but I like to believe that we check our emotions so much it muddies the water and we can’t see our genuine emotions anymore. my thoughts are with you x
  15. Does anyone ever feel like they are walking about on egg shells in their own mind? I’ve had pretty stable few days and I’m so nervous it will all fall away so it feels like I’m really trying not to trigger anything in my head
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