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  1. Hey Alex, you know how powerful OCD is just remember that whenever you question what kind of person you are ❤️
  2. I know reaching out is scary, but just think that one step is one step closer to recovery. You already have the diagnosis of OCD so even if you do not want to get in to it with your GP you can say ‘ I have been diagnosed with OCD and I need urgent support’ then you can get in to the details with someone who is trained in mental health.
  3. Hey Alex, just want to send some support your way and also when things got too overwhelming for me this week I texted SHOUT I’m not sure if I can share the number on here but you can google it. I found it really helpful because sometimes it’s difficult to talk and easier to type. They are really supportive. sending you lots of well wishes and you are important to this world ❤️
  4. Hey Cora, I am not sure if this helps but my GP rang me today and noticed I was still very low so she referred me to my local crisis team and I went in for an assessment the same day, I’m not sure if you have this in your area but you could try. I know the waiting lists for help in some areas are really long so you may just have to get across how urgent it is. Sometimes we just need help and that’s okay. hugs to you and PLEASE (saying this to me as well) try not to be so hard on yourself
  5. Thank you as always Polar Bear. I think it’s as though I can’t stand the thought of me being a bad person so I search and search for an answer but the OCD just clouds all my judgement
  6. Definitely on a morning it is awful for me! I feel like by the time I get to evening it has ease up slightly
  7. I have been to see the crisis team today as I felt like couldn’t cope, I explained some of my thoughts to them but not them all because it was too hard now I feel like I wasn’t honest enough with them because I’m a bad person. I just feel when I get a thought I should feel like I know that it’s not me, that’s it’s not apart of me but it feels like it is. I doubt everything I think they told me the thoughts are not me and the fact I am so distressed by them means that, but I still don’t believe it? I’m tired of putting my mum and dad through pain they keep picking me up off the floor after I have howled in pain at these thoughts, I just want to be okay again and certain that these thoughts are not a part of me.
  8. Hi polar bear, do you have any tips on not ruminating or thinking the thoughts mean something about you?
  9. Bless you Cora, thank you. it feels so dangerous if I don’t answer the question, I feel like I need to be certain it’s a yes before I can move on, does that make sense? I wish we could both take our own advice haha! you articulate your posts very well I feel like I just blurt mine out in a mess!
  10. I just can’t get the feeling of doubt out of my head. I keep comparing answers for example is that door brown? Yes. And I feel certain that is the answer I believe but then I ask myself do I believe Being a murderer and worse is wrong? And I say YES. It feels different i doubt that I’m being truthful?? I’m so confused I just want to feel certain on my answer
  11. also just to add something that has helped me in the past. Our body does not check in with our values before it creates a reaction, we have to notice the sensation without judgement or trying to figure out what it means.
  12. Do periods and the hormonal changes make OCD worse? I feel like mine becomes a lot more overwhelming at certain times of the month
  13. Hey Cora, Hope you’re okay, I’m going through a rough patch at the moment so just wanted to know you’re not alone. x
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