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  1. Thanks @snowbear and @Caramoole but honestly, I cannot function at the minute, I can't even bear to get up in the mornings. There is a difference between doing ERP exposures and actually putting you at risk, and the 3 Radiation Protection Officers I spoke to all agree I was being put at risk, one said it was a foolish thing and the other from the Health and Safety Executive asked for the therapists name.
  2. @Caramooleand @PolarBear to be honest I have no therapist-waiting another month yet and I need to talk to @Precontemplativebecause right now I cannot cope and this has been going on 10 weeks, surely a little bit of reassurance from @Precontemplativeabout what 2 houses would look like, or what is meant by that, is ok if it helps me to get through until I get therapy.
  3. Thanks @Precontemplativeyou seem to know a lot about physics? What do you mean by What are the 2 houses made of and what would they look like-how would I know if mine is like this?
  4. Thanks @snowbear, I am so glad to have someone to sound this off to. It helps tremendously.
  5. Thanks @snowbear, you have been very kind with your time and I am grateful for it. It just has caused me a lot of distress and considering my therapist asked me to do this as my first exposure-it was too much. Do you think even that wouldn't be dangerous?
  6. @snowbear but this wasn't an idiot-it was a reputable Radiation Protection Advisor who told me this, so it isn't OCD talking. How do you know it is twaddle. Obviously I don't want to take risks with my health here. Radiation emitting inside is not something anyone wants. I will never get over this.
  7. So everyone, I spoke to a Health Physicist and an RPA who have both suggested that "it was very foolish" to be touching around the ionisation chamber and then eating. Radiation can sometimes leak in old detectors, and that radiation lies inside you for 50 years. It is very dangerous if ingested-even in small quantities. I feel so doomed- I cannot believe my therapist asked me to do something so dangerous. I have lost the will to fight OCD as I fear I have ingested this radiation and there is nothing to get better of OCD for.
  8. thanks @Gemma@OCDUK, I just heard from my psychiatrist on Sat- he spoke with the Medical Dr on the deciding panel and is confident my funding will be successful, not sure what the next steps will be though.
  9. I just wanted to ask, as all my thoughts are so believable to me and I feel so scared can OCD verge on delusional/paranoia?
  10. Thanks @Ashley, I live in Northern Ireland and the funding application was launched 8 weeks ago but no word on anything yet. The wait is unbearable though.
  11. Thanks @PolarBear, @snowbear, @BelAnna and @Gemma@OCDUK. I really do appreciate all your replies!
  12. @Ashleythank you for that information. My Psychiatrist says he has put in for funding locally but has not yet made a referral to OXHSPIC, he has just spoken to them informally at this stage-would this be the normal way of doing things? Also do you have any idea how long it takes for funding to hopefully be approved? Thanks
  13. Has anyone on here had a successful referral to OHSPIC, how many sessions of treatment per week/in total and what was the outcome on your OCD?
  14. Does private inpatient intensive CBT/ERP Treatment exist in the UK for severe OCD?
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