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  1. Thank you I hope I will be in your position someday soon thank you for your advice
  2. Hi polar bear I'm not taking my frustrations out on this group I just described it how I saw it. I appreciate this is volunteer run but I was the one post that didn't get a reply and there was between before and after that did. I appreciate you aswell as others, have advised on this forum out of your own time and you aren't obliged to it was singularly aimed at anyone just what I seemed to me at the time. Thanks to you and snow bear for the advice on posting Hi Alice, It is new to me considering this as I thought I just had anxiety that was making me feel this wa
  3. After working up the courage to try to get some help from this community for something I've been struggling with I write a message on here for some help and understanding and not a single person has replied. This forum appears to me to be a forum for particular regular people to communicate amongst one another and outsiders aren't included. There has been people before and after my post and every one has had a reply. This is not a welcoming community and I will think again before a wrote on a forum for help form strangers. Thanks for the further knock in confidence.
  4. Hi could I have some advice if possible for help with how I have been feeling for a long time. I haven't had a diagnosis of ocd I have researched my symptoms and read things on this forum and I have really intrusive thoughts that have haunted me for a long time. I have had terrible feelings that I may have harmed someone in my family close to me and the thoughts are of a sexual nature , I feel these thoughts about other people and family members now and It makes me feel I could be a peadophile. I have felt this for such a long time for about 22 years and I don't know If I have done a terrible
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