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  1. not sure if i explain correctly, would @PolarBear @snowbear@Caramoole agree with my statement?
  2. this happen to me to cora. i think when you lose worry over obsession, all this go. but because you keep analyzing repsonse it feeds ocd. sorry if i explain wrongly, english isnt good
  3. i understand now thank you @PolarBear
  4. i realize it look like i was looking for reassurance but no i actually dont understand polarbear's comment.
  5. what you mean polarbear? i dont understand. do you mean the feelings i get watching video are normal with ocd?
  6. yes, i just wanted to hear another persons opinion. i wanted to ask you because you seem knowledgable on ocd. no offend to Ray, i apprciate the help. i am just very uneasy at the moment. i do not feel good. i apprciate the help
  7. @PolarBear sorry for tagging, please can you help you seem you have lot of experience with ocd. i really have a problem with fetish i dont like, but when i test myself with videos I feel weird and i get high anxiety and high ehart rate. im so upset i want it to stop. can ocd make you feel like you like things?
  8. i dont want to go to a doctor because it is embarasing. i havent been entirely honest with my post because im embarsed, its not being gay i worry about but something else. its not not anything bad but something i do not like
  9. i have heard it called that and no i haven't spoken to a doctor
  10. Hello ray thank you very much for response its not just believing though, when i tested by watching it felt like i liked it. then my heart rate when mad and iv been worrying ever since. can ocd actually do that? i have hard time believing it actulaly can make you feel.
  11. Can some1 please help me? I'm cant stop shaking. Can OCD make you feel like you like it?(not talking about groinal responses)
  12. ive been worrying about this for months now, im so upset
  13. sometimes i get thoughts and i get groinal response to them and sometimes i test myself by thinking about the thoughts myself and it feels like i lik ethem sometimes, im shaking please does this mean im a gay?
  14. Hello every1. Ive been suffring for long time now. I had intrusive thoughts of harm in past and it made me feel like im a evil. but recently ive been even worst. im not sure if i even have ocd. months ago, i came across a funny video but it cut across to gay people kissing and it made me feel weird, thats when this started. i got over that and put it behind me (or so i thought) i was joking with friend a few months ago and he called me a gay. i laughed but when i left the bar to go went home i thought was i a gay? since then ive been 'ruminating' about being a gay. all my life iv never been lookings at men but now i worry. i started testing myself by watching gay porn to see if i liked it. my heart rate would go up and i would get erections. i see other people on here focus on getting erections but im not bothered about that, i know erections mean nothing but when i tested myself i was so anxious but it felt like i liked it sometimes. is ocd able to do this? can ocd make you feel like you like it sometimes? i cantt stop worrying about this, i get so worrie. i dont want to be a gay, but it felt like i enjoyed video. to any gay please do not be offend i am not a homophobic, i just don want to be gay i ve been straight but ever since this happen it drive me mad can ocd make you feel like you like a video???? im not talking about erection
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