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Excessive worrying about looking like a fool ?

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Does anyone getting flashing images in their mind of memories which you now see as embarrassing like when you've said something stupid or even if you didn't you just think 'my god what an absolute idiot!!' and beat yourself up continuously for? I get this dozens of times a day over really daft stuff.

Like I've got this one memory that keeps forcing itself on me where about 2 years ago me and my two mates went ice skating, they were a lad and a lass and were in a relationship, any ways too cut a long story short the lass was struggling to skate so I thought I would go round the rink with her in case she fell over and I heard her say to her boyfriend 'He's putting is off.' and I think I spent the next two days agonizing over what a stupid horrible person I was and that I'm a **** friend and they wouldn't probably want to hang out with me any more, and even now I still beat myself up over it. But when these memories suddenly flash up I usually end up swearing at myself or blink a lot to block it out, seems to be the only things that work. Is that a compulsion? and has anyone else experienced this.

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I don't know if that's a compulsion. But I do know I am very hard on myself. Even people no longer in my life have said so.

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