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I am posting this in the NHS forum because it perfectly demonstrates the problems that all too many people face (being bounced from IAPT to secondary care back to IAPT).

The film was crested by a student as part of her design work, she does not have OCD herself but the gentleman in the film was a family friend of hers.  I think she perhaps does not quite get across the full suffering I suspect and fear the poor man is going through, but it does perfectly demonstrate the problems we face in accessing treatment.

She did an ok job with it (perhaps other than my cameo, I am going to be sticking to radio from now on!).



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A fair film for raising awareness of treatment delays and lack of CBT. 

I agree perhaps the degree of his suffering didn't come across. The full impact of the rituals was diminished because he was a master at disguising them. I only recognised a few because I used to do similar. Like Michael himself said in the film, many of his rituals would go unnoticed to the untrained eye. 

I suspect many people unfamiliar with OCD might think he was just a bit slow making breakfast because the camera was there, or maybe that he has a bit of arthritis in his hand causing him to hold his jacket a bit awkwardly.

I thought your cameo was good, Ashley. And I got to see where your new flower border will be in front of the house (recognised the 3 roses.)  :biggrin:



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