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Why does this happen? Surely I'm not the only one?

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Okay so I have had an amazing week in terms of my OCD. Resisting compulsions, not engaging in analysing thoughts and generally just getting on with life. And I have been so much happier!

Today was my little boys birthday, we have been out for a meal with family and just had an all round awesome day. My partner has been fantastic and watching him play with my little boy and his new toys melts my heart. Then the thoughts started, what if you have contracted something. What if you have passed it on. I'm trying to just let them come and not act out any compulsions as such but I just don't understand why this has suddenly reared its head again now. 

Sorry for the long message but I just want to know if anyone else suffers these setbacks. Like you're getting better then bang it's back again.


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51 minutes ago, Irregular86 said:

I just don't understand why this has suddenly reared its head again now. 

It's come back now because you've been reminded of what you have to lose. Acknowledge the intrusive thoughts are the result of not wanting to lose it and then allow these thoughts to fade away.

Focus instead on happy memories of today and think about what you do have in this moment. Concentrate on your reality, not on some unknowable future your head is predicting to be full of doom.

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Thank you Snowbear!

Yeah I guess you're right. To be honest I haven't really though much about the OCD or anything to do with it over the last few days as been so busy with life in general so I guess it's just trying to fight it's way back to the forefront of my mind again. 

I am determined not to let it win though!


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