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Kaz s

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I'm feeling so desperate. 

My son who has ocd is getting no help. I noticed tonight that he has worn away the fabric on the sofa from the ritual of standing up and sitting down

He has no quality of life at the moment and we are all desperate for help for him. 

Please please any advice good. Any one used private counsellors 



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Hi Kaz, I notice back in June your son saw a dr (although not much use!) and he had an appointment at the wellbeing clinic.  Did anything come of that?

You are in a difficult situation because your son is now classed as an adult, but so was my son.  I have found that if I say to the doctor 'I know you can't talk to me, but I need to talk to you about my son', that usually works.  

How does your son feel about treatment now?  My son insisted he could manage this himself.  I always told him I would help him when he wanted it and suddenly one day, he said 'I can't do this by myself any more'.  I thought that was an important turning point, because it was something he decided and I hadn't made that decision for him.


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