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Sending out bad vibes to others?

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I have started a new job in a bank and I'm finding parts of it very challenging, like talking to people on the phone and going through security questions. Stress central. To be honest I don't know if this is the job for me. Anyway - if I am stressed, anxious and thinking negatively, can I be sending out vibes into the workplace and be affecting my colleagues? I don't want to start a vicious cycle of negativity and I'm frightened of this job becoming unbearable like my previous workplace. I am also frightened of being ostracised- which is a whole other fear I just accept. I have read that anxiety and stress is contagious- how so? Through vibes? Subconscious sensations?

Is this true or just a load of c that I am latching onto in an ocd way?


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You are posting on an OCD which I am lead to believe is a really good indicator that this is OCD :-)

A new job is always kind of stressful. Think this is normal and I doubt anyone is going to be infected by this.

But you will not be able to convince yourself that this concern is not legitimate, so don't even try. Face it head on. Say,  "maybe it's true, who cares" ... and tbh. I really doubt anyone actually does care much.

So stop thinking about this and now do the things you would actually like to be doing !

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Good advice from flipfix here :) I agree, a "maybe it's true" approach seems the best way to go. That way you teach your brain it isn't the hot topic you've led it to believe. Analysing it is not your friend. 

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Thank you both so much for the level headed advice :) . OCD is so sneaky isn't it!!! I will disregard such thoughts from here on in.

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