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  1. Below are useful resources to educate yourself on the BLM movement, sign petitions, donate etc. 


  2. ????? Great acknowledgement Ashley and co-writers within OCDUK. Black lives matter. Tolerance of racism is akin to complicity. Populism is the accelerant.
  3. Hey Goldigurly, I totally get your intention and it was a lovely gesture. Intentions like these really helped me stay afloat when I was having the worst time with OCD and everyone around me could see I would be totally incapable of hurting others when I couldn’t see it myself, so a reminder like yours at the time was most beneficial and appreciated. I’m sure others who see your message when they’re in the absolute pits of despair will be reminded that they are good people and get the strength to push through with exposure. So thanks
  4. This made me smile! It’s quite true. I will use myself as an example. I had intrusive Harm thoughts to my mum, vulnerable old ladies, animals and babies years ago and I was very very ill with OCD over it. It was a horrible time. However, through therapist driven exposure therapy, I overcame all of this. In recent years, due to being bullied and maligned by people at work, I do have dark and vengeful thoughts towards them quite frequently. I truly do not feel warm thoughts or contrition for these thoughts to these individuals. Being 100% honest here. At the end of the day, they’re still thoughts. I’ve not acted on them. I won’t entertain the internal question “what if I’m going to exact revenge because I hate these people, what will that make me?” type thoughts, because that way, OCD lies.
  5. Right there- physical problem. It mushroomed into an OCD problem.
  6. Dave, it’s evident to me that the penile problems are a physical condition resulting from your glandular fever illness. Your worry about the physical problem turned into OCD when you attributed the flaccidity to intensity of attraction to people (intrusive thought, normal and acceptable), and then started to test and check (the compulsions which have kept your worry alive over 20 years). The more anxious you have become, the more odd sensations that crop up, like the groinals. You need to look at these groinals as intrusive sensations and stop the testing and analysis (both are compulsions) that come afterwards. Even if the groinal is upsetting, or pleasurable, or both, you need to just let it be there and pass you by. Your reaction to the groinals so far has ensured that they keep on intrusively coming.
  7. Funicular!!! ? that’s a joyous word. I love funicular transport as well. Brings back happy memories.
  8. Obfuscate - sounds magic, which if you think on it, could bring to mind a magical cloud of smoke which obscures or obfuscates contrarian- found this word when trying to understand various family members lol. Sounds great and rolls off the tongue. Zarathustra - again inspires thoughts of mysticism. Persian prophet who founded Zoroastrianism (love that word too) conundrum- loved the sound of this word my whole life and the meaning. No prizes for guessing where I first discovered it Equilibrium- It actually sounds like it’s trying to balance itself and I envisage a see saw or scales when I think of it. I like the way it looks and sounds and is a nice word to speak. I embrace my weirdness ?
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