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  1. I realise that I can’t separate my sense of worth from my current academic or career or weight status. I’m in a **** low paid job and I feel so low. Felt like crying earlier. Can’t describe the blackness of emotion I feel at times. Logic doesn’t seem to help. The rest of the ocd and social problems weigh in too, as usual. I find it hard to describe my emotions properly and they feel overpowering. I then have to go to bed. Rant over, just needed to put it in writing.
  2. https://www.nutmums.com/nut-free-toiletries-cosmetics/ https://recipes.sainsburys.co.uk/articles/20-minute-recipes/product-guidance-lists# https://www.nestle.co.uk/asset-library/documents/nutritionhealthwellness/nut avoidance list.pdf hope these are helpful
  3. How allergic is your son? I have a sibling with a nut allergy which could be fatal so I DO read the ingredients of everything, ring the manufacturers etc and access nut free lists that Sainsbury’s, Tesco et al have online. Or email them/ring them. I had to ask my sibling about what they would do in terms of avoidance in restaurants, public transport, cleaning of utensils, what not ever to have in the house and use those as a bench mark. I know this might seem contradictory to ocd advice, but this is one of those situations where you can’t take chances. In my situation anyway because of deadly allergy. If your son is not allergic like this, then you’re probably being too careful. You need to know what the benchmark is however, find out the REAL risk rather than overestimating or underestimating the perceived risk.
  4. Phil you need to take this above on board! We’ve told you many times that this is why the thought comes back!
  5. Hi Wonderer! Very true! I’m so glad you’re doing much better now. I’m stuck with social issues/paranoia with ASD and ocd. It’s a bit of a dip but I’m confident i’ll get past it at some point. The forums are great. X
  6. ‘New’ and clean do not equate. You could have had a factory or packing operative that had gone to the loo (no.2) and didn’t wash his hands and went straight back to packing/assembling. You’re just wasting your money buying new stuff. You need to accept that everything will have an element of ‘contamination’ but the contamination itself isn’t harmful and should not be focused on, investigated, or stopped.
  7. I’m so thankful this forum exists.
  8. Saz this is literally me too lol. Thank you for posting to say I’m not alone with this it’s is so energy depleting isn’t it.
  9. Hi Ashley sorry I missed you today. I would at some point like to talk to you about issues I posted in the members area. Hope to talk soon. Thanks again
  10. Thank you all for your great insight. I’ve had a much better day- have deflected from ruminations when I got triggered a few times. It’s been much more pleasant a day. Thanks
  11. Yes- I’ve been diagnosed with social anxiety too. Hard to know if it’s that or aspergers. Between that and ASD social problems, it’s not fun. I will try
  12. Handy/Eric please refrain from posting on my topics.
  13. Thank you for your kind words and sage advice ❤️
  14. I will use these pieces of advice, thanks Wren acceptance, however difficult and fraught the emotion, with no rumination, it’s the way forward for me now. Thank you
  15. Thank you so much Caramoole . This has struck a chord. I will try harder. The 10 min thing is a brilliant benchmark thank you. It’s definitely a compulsion for me which I will work extra hard at stopping.
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