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Hi just wondering if anyone can help I have severe OCD that consumes every minute of the day since I was a child. I've tried CBT through my IAPT which didn't help at all. How do I get (via the NHS) treatment with someone more experienced? I asked my gp and she wasn't helpful. Are there psychologists experienced in giving more support that I can access via the NHS. My CBT experience was not useful at all and actually made me worse. Thanks.

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Hi Olivia :)

Unfortunately your story isn't an unfamiliar one but yes you can access more specialist services in the UK. Which ones though depends on where you are in the UK. This is the link on the OCD-UK website to the various pathways you can take, just click on the corresponding flag for the part of the UK you are in. 


If you have further questions or need help with it all, you could email support@ocduk.org too :)

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