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"Electrodes Stimulation" Brings Hope for Severe OCD - Guardian, 9.3.2019

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Hello All

I have just popped back from my local newsagents, where I bought a copy of today's "Guardian".  There is an article inside on research that has been published claiming that brain stimulation procedures can assist people experiencing very severe and refractive OCD.  Thought I would mention it so that you can visit their website for the full article.  

Best wishes


Tez :57439eb60db27_thumbup:

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Thanks Tez,

Usual DBS story, full of the 'amazingness' of the procedure but fails to mention the risks associated.  It's a research I have been keeping an eye on over the years because of the way they recruited the 6 patients and their refusal to answer questions on it which I found rather unethical. 

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