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Need some Advice on this Relapse because i'm having good days and bad days .

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I suffer with Cheating OCD which most of the time happens with False memory OCD 

I have had Intrusive thoughts/images/scinerios happening about cheating once or twice a month for the past 6 months due to a big change in my life my girlfriend . None of them have become true , because i have asked for reassurance which i know is a bad thing to do .

I was doing really well until the other weekend , until i attended my aunties 40th birthday party . all family and friends were their . 

I found this Lady at the party very very attractive , I didn't even speak to her because i didn't even know her , and she was with her husband as well . 

I'm going to go into detail here but in the morning i was very horny because my girlfriend was away , and i performed masturbation on my self and thought about this attracted lady at the party .

obviously while this act , a vision/image came into my mind of me having sex with her in the venue's toilet and i didn't think much of it at the time but later on in the day it made me feel guilty and made me think that this was a real memory . 

i Didn't even speak or flirt or go anywhere near the lady so why is this making me believe this , image / vision ? 

It seems to always happen whenever i drink alcohol it makes me believe i am some sort of womaniser cheater but i'm not , 

would the best option not to drink alcohol ? but iv'e been told that's avoidance which will make my life smaller .

i'm not drinking to the point where i don't know what i'm doing , it just seems like i can't enjoy my self anymore ,

The thoughts and false memories it gives me , i panic then later on think , how ridiculous they are and believe that they cant be possibly true but still make me obsess over it and make me think that they are true 

much appreciated Alex .

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So how's that working for you?

Every time you get intrusive thoughts about cheating. Everytime you ruminate and do other compulsions. Then it happens again. And again.

Your compulsions aren't working. They are making these thoughts return.

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