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Small Changes Can Lead To Big Rewards!

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So, we are wallowing in the collateral damage of OCD - consumed by fears, restricted by rules, worn out by carrying out compulsions. 

So what can we do that can make a difference?

Well, perhaps the best "medicine" is a small dose of belief. 

Belief that people can and do get better. 

Belief that we are NOT alone, others here understand. 

Belief that we have the capability to make improvements; anyone can, no especial skills or mental abilities are required. 

Start small, but think big, though in gradual stages. A goal of complete recovery in two months is likely unachievable. Recovery takes the time it takes. 

If you have more than one OCD theme, pick one. 

See if you can identify the falsehoods or exaggerations or revulsion upon which it is based. 

OK you may not see them as false or exaggerated, but look at them as you know we are seeing them. 

Look for the doubt and demands for certainty that arise from the theme. 

Accept that others see these as OCD so your aim is towards that. 

Start a process of, when an intrusion based on this theme arises, treating it as the silly obsession that others do - really work on believing this, and not what your - OCD'd - mind is trying to tell you. 

Then gently, but firmly, seek to ease your focus away and elsewhere, resisting the overwhelming urge to carry out a compulsion to "fix" the problem. 

Getting good at this, despite inevitable initial failures, is a massive step towards recovery. 

And when this can be teamed up with properly-worked exposure and response prevention sessions - then we will be nicely stepping out along the yellow brick road towards recovery. 

On the road, let's celebrate any successes, glide over any failures. 

If we slip off the recovery horse 🐴, let's jump straight back on him again. 

A small, targeted, approach is likely a good path towards success :)


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Really good words to read and digest. Thankyou. X❤️❤️

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