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Straw poll on bouncing water

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6 hours ago, PolarBear said:

Bang on. Ashley started a thread on this a while back. Sufferers are so far over on the safety side of the scale that only moving to the carefree side for a while can bring equilibrium. 

Not an exact science, but there's certainly room for bending that coat hanger back the extra few inches. 

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1 hour ago, BigDave said:

. Plus, I would never be able to have my brother or anyone from my family around because they might contaminate the place.

But Dave, we have told you loads of times that contamination OCD exists purely in the minds of sufferers from contamination OCD. 

So only you in this thread see an exaggeration of nil or minimal risk. 

And note you are using the word never, as in not ever. That's a categorical statement that isn't true - it can be changed once you decide to break free of belief in the alleged threat. 

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