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I realise that I can’t separate my sense of worth from my current academic or career or weight status. I’m in a **** low paid job and I feel so low. Felt like crying earlier. Can’t describe the blackness of emotion I feel at times. Logic doesn’t seem to help. The rest of the ocd and social problems weigh in too, as usual. I find it hard to describe my emotions properly and they feel overpowering. I then have to go to bed. Rant over, just needed to put it in writing. 

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Sorry to hear that you are feeling low.

In 2018 the Lancet published an article on IAPT. The IAPT provides most probably the largest data set on treatments for depression and anxiety in the world. With 537, 000 cases a year. Interestingly the data analysis proves that the biggest predictor of poor outcomes in a particular locality is the degree of social deprivation.

This result is mirrored in other research. The recommendation is to provide more resources for socially deprived areas. But the research strongly indicates that social problems and social deprivation affect the success rate of therapy. So the context of therapeutic intervention affects outcomes of therapy. 

So if you have social problems they do impact on your life and experiences. Do not know that this helps. But you are not alone. Keep your spirits up.

The Lancet article is open access. ‘Transparency about outcomes........’ 2018.

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