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Hi everyone hope you’re all keeping well at this time. I am having a nightmare at the moment with contamination ocd, I’ve suffered for many years, I have had small brown little mushrooms or fungi growing between our slabs in the back garden, I looked them up and found out that they are poisonous. Oh my god my anxiety is through the roof, I darent let my husband go out to remove them, I don’t want him to go anywhere near them. He has to wear support stockings all the time, and only changes them every couple of days. So I can’t take the risk that his stockings or trousers may touch them. Then he could contaminate the bathroom, etc, and when I am wet I fear all things will stick to me more. I am having to pay for a private therapy as the wait is too long for the NHS. We had to have our little dog put to sleep 5 weeks ago too, she was 14 years old. I feel so scared of everything at the moment, there’s something I dread in every room of our flat at the moment. Sorry to off load like this . X

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In this current climate, I'm not surprised you're so anxious - and I am very sorry about your dog. Pets are a great help in these times of anxiety; I know I always feel better when I pet my landlady's dogs (for all I complain about the mess they leave out back. It's not even my house!) Between one thing and another - the loss of a pet you'd had for so long and these difficult times we're in, it's okay to feel stressed and anxious. My OCD too has been hurting me a lot over the past few days, but the good news is, you're going to be absolutely fine. 

Don't feel ashamed for off-loading; you've reached out, so be proud of that. You're scared to let your husband go near these mushrooms because you worry for him; you care for him and your OCD is jumping on that. It may be that the only way to tackle this is to feel the fear and do it anyway; wear gloves and get rid of those mushrooms, but obviously it's your choice. Just remember that, similar to all that's going on at the moment, all of us in the same boat with this covid-19 thing, many gardens are prone to nature's blooms. It's beyond your control that something poisonous grew in your garden, but you're taking responsibility for it because your OCD is telling you to. You don't have to shoulder this on your own. We're all here.


C x

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You're welcome. Little dog anecdote that will hopefully make you smile: I was just making a sandwich and turned around to find one of my landlady's dog sitting expectedly at my feet! Her name is Zep, short for the Zeppelin part of Led Zeppelin. She and her brother Bob know that I'm a sucker for giving them tidbits! :D

Hope you're feeling better today. 

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