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Henry Slade (Rugby Player): OCD Recovery - The Guardian

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Hi Guys

The Guardian is, I often find, "our paper", in terms of sympathetic and adult coverage of mental health issues.  Even in its bear pit like message boards, which can be vicious in terms of political debate, are usually respectful of issues of mental ill health and struggle.  

Rugby Player Henry Slade speaks with the paper today (July 14th) about his struggle with OCD.  


The OCD bit is not a huge part of the article, but interesting nevertheless.  I am however, personally slightly cautious about the remarks that he spoke to a plain speaking psychologist.  Sounds like some of the mental health professionals that I have come across over the years - they think they can give you a stern talking to and presto! you're either cured or one of those recalcitrant, lazy treatment resistant types.  Far too many professionals behave like that, blaming the patient.  But that's maybe my gripe with western medicine generally.  

Best wishes

Tez :rolleyes:

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Thanks for sharing Tez. 

Henry's experience looks pretty typical of magical thinking OCD, and shows that if we truly believe what our therapist is telling us then we can start to unlock the OCD chains that bind us. 

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