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Music To Remember The Good Times, And Look Forward

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As a teenager I was very interested in electronics, and repaired a TV and a radio gram. Health and safety wouldn't have let me do that now. 

But the little radio gram was a gift from an uncle if I could fix it, which I did. 

I think it had medium wave long wave and short wave radio, and 3 speeds of records. 

I found playing music greatly helped me to study. And one of my favourite records for that was Dvorak's New World Symphony. 

We have kept a small collection of LPs and singles and I can still play these on my own Panasonic system. The records belonged to me and both our Dads. 

I am playing the New World symphony on LP now. I don't know if it is that self-same LP I played 55 years ago, but it probably is. All records were well cared for. 

So it takes me back to that time. But also, it settles me in the now as it is a magnificent piece of music. 

Folk music is a favourite of mine, and when at college Simon & Garfunkel were all the rage. 

On the radio this morning they played "Homeward Bound". I have been homeward bound so many times over the years, and that gave me a boost and hope and belief. 


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