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Unable to move forward - help needed

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Hi...just wondered if anyone has experienced anything similar and has any suggestions as to how I can try and move forward.

I am still struggling to come to terms with a break-up that happened over a year ago and I have ‘Just Right’ OCD. Although I’m trying to move forward with my life, every time that I try to have a ‘new start’ and wake up feeling more positive, the OCD has other plans and tells me all the reasons as to why the new start is not ‘perfect’ or ‘just right’ e.g. a towel is out of place or I’ve repeated something too many times.

How will I ever be able to move forward if my OCD wants to hold me in the past? I haven’t organised therapy or counselling yet but someone suggested this in response to a previous comment I made. Until this happens, any suggestions as to how I can allow myself to have a ‘fresh  start’ successfully? 

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