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Hi all,


Just wondering if anyone else has their physical stature(height) as a constant obsession?


I am a 5ft 4 man, so I am obviously very short and I think it does definitely come with issues and discrimination etc but I am completely obsessed with it as an issue. Every interaction I have with the outside world is constantly examined through the lens of being short-statured. 


I constantly Google heightism and go on reddit etc looking at other short mens experiences - mainly the negative ones to back up how I feel.


I just can't work out if this is OCD or not as I do think there is a lot of evidence of heightism in modern society.


Please offer your opinion etc :)

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I sort of understand.   Just like now with covid, which is very real, and very dangerous.  Yeah normal people are washing more often and taking extraordinary precautions now.  But at what point does it become unnecessary?

I don't know if it's OCD but maybe you should try to read also the positive experiences of short men?  And remember Micheal J. Fox?  haha.  It sounds more like paranoia which is also a bad thing, and can be just as bad equally or even a lot worse.

But I don't really know what your personal situation is.  Even short men can have very different experiences.  Perhaps you indeed have been judged often by your height where you live.  If that is so, please remember the world is a big place.  If the people who have surrounded you in your life have been that superficial, then I hope soon you find people who are more open minded.

But like I also said, possibility of paranoia.  So please keep an open mind about people, and being accepted for your height.  

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I’m only slightly taller than you. It’s how you are, you can’t change it, nothing you can do about it so just accept it. There are people shorter than you, also male. Don’t let it get in the way of anything you want to do in life :)

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Not sure I've painted an accurate picture of how obsessed with it I am.

I can barely leave the house any more because I think and sometimes see tbf people laughing and smirking at me when I walk by.

And that is just for starters

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Like I said I'm not sure if it's OCD.  Right now to me it seems to be paranoia.  But that could be wrong and you might be right, it can be OCD.

But try to remember not everyone is laughing at you.  If the people surrounding you are truly laughing at you, not everyone in the world will.  If they are laughing at you then shame on them.  I have no idea where you are, what culture you come from.   But there are places where short people thrive, in some cases they band and stick together with other short people, in some cases their friends are tall and even their special love one, girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband, is tall.  

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