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Anyone else??

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Hi everyone, 

haven’t posted in a while , really working hard on exposure therapy. I have contamination OCD, had it for thirty years plus, I do dread having a shower due to rituals. I always worry about the bottom of the shower curtain and if it touches me. It is because if I have walked past something, then my feet feel really contaminated. When I am washing myself , I think I have seen bits of black on my skin, I don’t know why it’s black, it’s always been that. I then end up repeatedly washing myself. I really know there’s nothing on me but, I convince myself that maybe I have. I know it sounds ludicrous, but that’s OCD. My fears are black bags, dog or cat poo, discarded food , the list goes on.

 I am really trying to be more confident, but it’s always “ what if “ 

Does anyone else see things that aren’t really there?
I really am quite a sensible person, but———

Thanks for reading, & take care. X

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