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OCD and other psychiatric disorder a taboo?

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In my town where I spent my childhood and adolescence and in the society where I live in Pakistan there is a very disturbing situation for mental health facilities.

In whole of the province of 10 hundred of thousands people there isn't a single child psychiatrist.

Seeking help from Psychiatrist and psychologist is considered shameful.

My family always forbade me from seeking health professional help for my ocd. But I went to psychiatrist anyway because unending mental gyrations and painful panic attacks where beyond my capabilities to deal with.

I wish they could understand what I was going through.




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On 26/01/2022 at 12:48, Syed Yasir Shah said:

Seeking help from Psychiatrist and psychologist is considered shameful.

It makes me so sad there a views like this in the world about mental health still :( no wonder why people don’t speak up. Even my own Grandmother it’s like banging my head against the wall trying to explain what ocd is and that i have it (she goes no you don’t your fine) it’s extremely condescending!!

I understand you wish they understood but unfortunately (especially the older generation) they won’t :( you can try to change a persons views but it will only make you more distressed and hurt, make sure you get yourself better as you’ve got you for the rest of your life. You live in your head 24/7 so why make it a place where ocd takes over, you deserve the treatment and you deserve to recover. I don’t know why mental health still isn’t seen as just important as physical  health. 

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