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Possible Contamination

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Can anybody help?

we currently have no toilet or bathroom as it’s being redone. I used our local public loo.

as I stepped into the cubicle I smelt something wasn’t right and looked as somebody poo’d on the FLOOR!!

My first instinct was to look on the floor and my flip flops.  There was no poo there.  I’m constantly checking my feet (I cannot wash until later when the water is back on).  I’m worried I’m spreading poo germs all on my carpet and I have no way of washing my feet.

help I feel so ill with worry.  

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Just on a practical note you could buy a pack of handwipes to use for basic hygeine matters until your plumbing is fixed.  I often carry a small pack if I am going out to 'unknown' places.

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A few months ago I had my toilet fixed. When you cannot use it it is a real problem. A temporary commode can help so long as you have a place to dispose of the waste. If I knew that I had no water for a while I would have stored some water for cleaning and drinking.   Cheaper than buying bottled water.  As Northpaul said you could buy some hand wipes. I have stayed in some grotty camp sites in the past and visited some grotty pubs and recognise the situation. Could you not just take your flip flops off at the door?

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