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Doing 2 big exposures today on my hierarchy

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Hi everybody, 

So I’m doing 2 big exposures (well 1, but another is something I’ve been struggling to be consistent with.) I’m going to a big shopping centre with my Nan, to get some lovely clothes to treat myself for being at my job for 1 month :) 


If anybody has any tips or advice, I’d be so grateful :heart: so so scared, yet excited at the same time :) I’m also going to my boyfriends house, which is out of my small village where I work and live. It’s always quite a big task for me to go round there, yet I’ve done it so many times I still have the OCD and anxiety ruminating about? If anybody has any tips on how I can help that side, I’d also be really grateful. I keep focusing on the sensation I’m going to throw up but I know I won’t so it’ll be ok :) 

Ok so here we go, the morning starts ….. I’m ready for this, A big FU to OCD :boxing:

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