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OCD-UK conference 2022 - list of presentations and workshops

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Our annual conference will be taking place online on the evening of Friday 18th and all day Saturday 19th November 2022.

Conference home page: https://www.ocduk.org/conference/2022-virtual/ 

Click on each conference room to read about the presentations taking place and register for them or see below for further information. (You need to register for each presentation separately)

Our virtual conference will be free of charge, however we welcome a small donation should you find any of the presentations helpful, to help us cover our platform costs.

Most of the presentations will be recorded and the recordings will be added to the website after the event, so don't worry if you can't attend on the day! Those that will not be recorded and available afterwards are marked with an asterisk in the list below.

Here is a list of presenters/events - you can read more about the presentation and register by clicking on the talk you are interested in:

CBT - How much risk is too much? - Professor Paul Salkovskis

The science of belief change: Focus on beliefs about memory and beliefs about losing control - Professor Adam Radomsky

The nature of obsessions (including repugnant obsessions) - Professor Christine Purdon

Mental Contamination - An Introduction followed by Q&A - Professor Adam Radomsky

OCD and adult ADHD - Dr Alison Roberts

Managing Parenting when you have OCD - Dr Fiona Challacombe

Supporting Students with OCD at University - Paula Duncan & Dr Katie Cross

Religious Scrupulosity is an OCD Issue, not a Faith Issue - Rev. Katie O'Dunne

You aren't alone: In conversation with OCD-UK Young Ambassadors (for young people age 13 - 25 only) - Mia, India & Minnie *

When OCD and religion get entangled - Professor Mark Freeston

OCD Poetry Workshop - Georgia Lock & Paula Duncan *

Drawing OCD Workshop - Zoë Wilson & Ashley Fulwood *

Beating the bully: An introduction to OCD for young people - Dr Alice Farrington & Chloe Chessell

Exploring the experiences of siblings of young people with OCD - Dr Victoria Hallett, Dr Stuart Brownings & Laurenne Goldstone

Saturday presentation (title TBC) - Professor Paul Salkovskis

Meditation: A conference wind down - Tim *

*Those marked with an asterisk are not being recorded, so if you would like to attend you need to be there on the day

We are also running our monthly support group for family and friends who support a loved one with OCD during the conference this month, so if your loved ones are interested they can sign up here

If you have any questions please email conference@ocduk.org :)

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Just a quick update that the Professor Paul Salkovskis links have been updated (with additional information about the presentations).  Here are the new details:

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