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Have I pushed it too far?

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Hi all,

I'm feeling on the right path towards recovery, really trying with acceptance and allowing any thoughts to go unchallenged, treating each with being 'just thoughts'. Trouble is now they've gone to another level of repulsive. It's getting difficult to ignore and my imagination is getting worse, although I know it's all a way to get my attention. Has anyone else experienced this when trying to practice mindfulness? I should add I have been feeling much calmer of late after starting this acceptance strategy. 

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What happens with the ocd. When you start accepting it, it will really try to get something to stick so it will ramp up the intensity volume whatever, and try to get u to respond. The amygdala is used to misfiring so its looking for a thought to pair it with, your brain is now being more creative to fit the signal because the previous ones arent working, keep going and eventually it will give up, unfortunately, you cannot be any more afraid of any new uncertainty or thought than u were the lost and do a compulsion or u are just gonna be in the same boat u were in with the previous ones and it will get a hold again.

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