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Fear of losing money checking OCD

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Hi all,

I have a serious checking OCD specifically about fear of making a mistake or overlooking something which will cause me to lose money.

I hoped CBT would end this but it hasn't.

Wondered if anyone else has this and it can offer some advice?

Thank you x




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Hi Trev,

Sorry we did not reply to this sooner, I will move your thread into the main OCD forum so you will hopefully get a few more replies in the days ahead.

OCD really can play into everything that we do, and a fear of making a mistake is probably more common in most people with OCD that we realise. It's only when we explore our worries (cognitive part of CBT) do we fully understand this.  And then of course what therapy will do is help us explore what does that really mean, are we worried about the mistakes or worried about consequences on our life. 

The behavioural part of therapy will of course then help us explore how we challenge these misinterpretations our OCD is causing us.

In terms of moving forward, are you getting any CBT at the moment?  Sadly what we do know is that through local Talking Therapies the quality of CBT is mixed from excellent through to what I call 'CBT lite', or 'Not Very Good CBT', so please dont give up on the treatment, you may just need to refer back in and seek access to a different and hopefully more skilled therapist.  Happy to help advise if you need us to on those treatment options (you may need to email us at support with your postcode so we can review your options).

With best wishes, Ashley


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Isn’t this a repeat of another thread of yours? You check whether the bank’s calculations are accurate? I check statements when there is expenditure that I cannot remember. The fear of losing money is a common fear. I have it now as I think about what property to buy. If it is a good buy or I will lose money. Whether the cost of any repairs will be too expensive for my wallet.

Money gives us freedom, choice. Camus - ‘freedom is money, money is freedom’. We need money to buy things to live. A homeless street beggar does not live long no matter where they live.

This evening I tried to find my wallet to pay at the supermarket. My wallet was not there. I told the assistant I had either been pickpocketed or left my wallet at home. I walked briskly to home. I was relieved to find my wallet.

But I think you are exaggerating the fear by focusing on the minutiae of transactions. Focus on the larger sums. 

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