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  1. Dose any one know if ocd shows on a brain scan? and is worth having one from years of taking antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs?
  2. I'm I seem to throw things away on day the bins are empty not sure if this is the best approach or I'ill just go back and forwards getting out of the bin again what I really know deep down I don't want
  3. Anxiety of throwing things away and know you do not want but keeps coming to mind at times or giving away to charity do you at times get this?
  4. This disorder can and will create instermountable ideas what is very much over exaggerated
  5. I have a new social worker from local CMHT she seems to think I'm a perfectionist collecting things like book marks,keyrings,badages,is very odd and I have problem I have said to her I don't keep news papers from 30yrs ago that can't bin she just doesn't understand you can't choose your social worker you get what you are given my ocd based around sexual thoughts and order germs marks and scratches on house hold items not on any one else's stuff
  6. my local cmht has referred to psychological for CBT fist time meeting him he was asking odd questions about my past sexual experience and my mother who died a few months ago if she was a controlling person the thing what I don't understand is I seen 4 other Therapists my life my psych says its good to keep your hand in I keep saying to them I had CBT before it just doesn't work for me I'm not comfortable with therapist at all. what shell I do carry on with it or stop going.
  7. eagworms snippet of music what you often don't like tunes keeps going around in mind while trying to do other things
  8. I get musical hallucinations where ever go about my daily life speaking to people and hearing what they is very hard watching tv also tuff because adverts get my on my mind over and over again this part of ocd no one ever talks about the media has don as suffers a disservice like channel's 4 ocd cleaners and royalty, government saying (I'AM LITTEL BIT OCD)
  9. My photos and ordering obsession have completely stopped after changing meds I've had 1 year of hell over this my sexual thoughts has almost gone same with ear worms I was on clomipramine for 16 years now on prozac and feels so great for my ocd
  10. I say one thing can ocd make throw away things regret it mouths later or sometimes years in my case every Dr I seen say no but angry does If you met in life I'm not a angry person I very shy and not bully as for photos it's about me as child as well as I'm the last family member alive every one says it might because it was an easier time my life but would would'nt want go back in time I'm now thinking of just saving my mum's and dad's photos and keeping some of my one's and letting go of holiday snaps of views and I get sexual thought's what drives my crazy Dr says it because I'm a man What is bull to me I get upset ocd is seen as nothing
  11. Hi for years I have obsessed with photos and ordering in an album cleaning them a cloth this time it it so bad after after after my mum died I need to sort my mum's out the thing is more I handle them more I think I am damaging but I can't stop handling them sometimes I need copy them A4 size on pc print out it screams at me I have already 3 albums they don't look right no Dr understands this I take zoloft
  12. Hi I have got ocd mine all about replacing things old for new things but if there mark or scratched on a item I had in the past brought things again till it feels ok has any one heard of this one?
  13. Hi this sound a lot like me I also had to replace DVD's because I started throw away DVD covers do not know why I buy them again sound's really odd and when I got my first car oh boy this was hell always checking for dents I gave up in the end
  14. Has any one here get ocd over photos and scratches?
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