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Status Updates posted by taurean

  1. Weather back to "normal" on Friday so make the most of the warm days folks. 

  2. Started a watercolour painting by numbers picture of "Flying Scotsman" today. Very soothing. 

  3. First day this year out working in the garden.

    1. daja


      Nice one Roy ?

  4. Heavt snow on the way.

  5. Snowing continuously .

    1. daja


      I am so cold I think my radiator needs bleeding.

  6. Tottenham play my team Brentford in Carabao Cup semifinal tonight on Sky Sports.

  7. Another storm due to hit us tonight. Haven't we suffered enough?

  8. It's nice to hear Xmas music and see decorations. But what a strange festive period.

  9. More rain. Just what we needed.

    1. daja


      Nice weather. For ducks...

  10. Storm Francis's winds  raging here in Northampton and UK - be careful everyone. 

  11. My rebate cheque from the tax office has arrived, and so I am donating the rebate - £57 - to our wonderful charity OCD-UK. 

    1. taurean


      Donation made :)


    2. OnlyAlex


      Very kind of you, Roy! 

  12.  A £50 tax rebate coming so I will donate it to our wonderful charity OCD-UK. 


    1. daja


      Nice one Roy ?

  13. Just noticed we have reached 10, 000 registered users of the forums ?

    It's a great milestone to achieve and shows just how important the offering here is to all those affected by OCD. 

  14. Please click on blogs from the forums menu button (browse then blogs) and read my latest entry. I look forward to any comments ☺️

  15. Have a safe, sensible, bank holiday weekend in UK folks. Weather looks good. 

  16. It's Roy's 70th birthday today folks. Feel free to join the virtual party via emojis. 

  17. Happy St George's Day all in England :England:

  18. Chilly wind due - but warmth within us if we believe in our own capacity to overcome. 

  19. Happy Easter all. Be happy. If in UK follow the rules stay home protect the NHS save lives. 

  20. Really good thanks to NHS and carers video link on UK android Google homescreen today 

  21. Soon starting third week of government restrictions, but getting used to it now. 

  22. Remember everyone, the UK clocks need to go forward 1 hour as of now. 

  23. New blog posted with picture of our lovely garden. 

  24. Thoughts are just thoughts - it's our reaction that causes our distress. 

    1. gingerbreadgirl
    2. Andrea


      I agree with gingerbreadgirl ??

    3. daja


      Too true Roy.

  25. New bog posted today on subject of taking inspiration. 

    1. gingerbreadgirl


      i assume this is meant to say "blog":lol:" :D 

      in seriousness though it's a great read :) x

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