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  1. I just don’t know we’re im going wrong I do everything I should be doing my anxity still there my thoughts are still there all day long everyday my anxity still bad I’m always in a bad mood Becuase of them and so irritated all the time like so irritated ..it just won’t let up at all.. I just looked in the mirror and I just look so I’ll and drained from it all I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong my head going to explode... I’m on week 5 of 20mg escitlopram in the morning and nothing changed.. i must be doing something wrong but what ☹️ I’m jus not getting better
  2. Good point.. hey how are you felix was shock to see your name come up haven’t seen you on here for a while.. I’m still on here trying to get help and not cause no trouble I’ve changed my name on here so prob won’t be to sure who I am now heidi x
  3. Thanks bodger and thanks for your help today Yeah done so good so proud of myself Thanks for your help today yes snowdog 1 ocd nil yeah been good since thanks
  4. It is so tough it’s so horrible esp when it’s towards people u love ? yeah defo worth it in the end ? Thanks for your reply bodger yeah your right things have Improved I’m sitting here with my arm around him which I find hard to do .. everything has ease of still there but not has bad when I first posted for support then tonight I can write in my book what I achieve today x
  5. Thanks for your reply gingerbreadgirl ok I try that thanks I sit here invite them and I won’t do no complusions. wow this is hard x
  6. Hi there has you know I suffer from harm intrusive thoughts.. well today is the first time I’m baby sitting my nephew at my house he is 4 years old so this is big thing for me.. so I’m here sitting with him while he watching cartoons and it’s brought on all my intrusive thoughts what if I harm him here etc u know them thoughts.. my anxiety is tho the roof and I can’t relax scared out my mind.. so what am I poss to do just sit here and invite them in I don’t want to distract myself Becuase I know that don’t get rid of them this is so uncomfortable.. all these feelings are terrible.. the im
  7. Thanks for your reply pb.. yeah i got up today and thought I do a week more and see how I feel if no improvement I know there putting me on Risperidone which I’m scared of so I wait for my appointment
  8. Thanks for your reply pb yeah it does Becuase they just look at me like I’m mad and think I want to act on these thoughts
  9. Why does gp not know about my Ocd they never heard of such thoughts in Ocd ?? snow x
  10. Thanks for your reply’s I really appreciate it yeah I will give the doctor a call today thanks x
  11. Hi I just moved up to 20 mg of escitlopram from 10mg and I’ve just done three weeks the first two weeks I was so calm normal no thoughts no nothing and the last two days has in day 20 and 21 I’m totally crazy I’m telling you.. I have extreme irritation and anger and it’s scaring me Becuase the nature of my thoughts I feel like I’m losing the plot here and it’s trying to twist my mind telling me I don’t like my daughter and I keep shouting at her Becuase everything is irritating me and I never do that it’s must be the increase am I right ? Someone else must have felt like this I feel like I’m
  12. Thanks lost for your message ..You had them horrible thoughts to ? it’s so awfull lost it’s making me so crazy hope your ok x
  13. Thanks for your reply I’m not on meds for Ocd I’m on meds for anxiety and depression I am.. yeah I’m doing that at the moment and my harm thoughts have gone down by half..just wanted to know if these are new Ocd thoghts Thanks gingerbreadgirl just wanted to know if it’s tryign to attack me in another way Becuase these are new thoughts ?
  14. Hi there hope you all well Sorry haven’t been on for a while I’ve been really not well in hospital and had to have surgery etc but on the mend now.. my Ocd has been so bad they put my escitlopram up to highest dose now and I’m on week 3 every thing been better hardly had no Ocd etc apart from today omg I have new thoughts and I’m trying to work out if there Ocd thoughts or I’m getting really mentally unwell or it’s from upping my pills I’m literally so scared ?well here goes I’m actually so sick to say my new thoughts but I’ve never had them before and you know my thoughts th
  15. I had this to I couldn’t plan nothing because I thought I be in prison by then to even mow I think I can’t leave that there in case I’m in prison but breaking that slowly x
  16. Hi Phil how are you ? Sorry haven’t spoken to you in a while my ocd has been bad and haven’t been on much.. are u of the benzo yet ? Just to let you know I’m on the higher rate of this for the care part.... I just said how it is on a bad day with my intrusive thoughts how long it takes me to do things what I’m scared of doing etc then I was called to see someone they said I couldn’t have it then I disagreed with there answer so I had a phone call interview and told her everything and she awarded me the higher rate so no you got nothing To loose.. x
  17. Ok thank you for explaining better..I hope you don’t think I was being rude I was just putting my opinion across..
  18. That’s ok no problem Rox I’m here if you need to talk to me.. x
  19. People like me get offended by that and focus on that becuase we have Ocd that’s what happends in Ocd and also I have intrusive thoughts of killing people so now I take it I’m a danger to people and my child becuase you have said that
  20. So everyone I know on here that has intrusive harm thoughts like me some could be dangerous? I can’t speak for everyone yes that is very true but we talking about Ocd.. I just want to say You got to be careful because this could really trigger someone to have a Ocd melt down that have intrusives harm thoughts becuase I have battle them kind thoughts for years now and if I didn’t have the cbt that I’ve have latley that would of sent me of the rails with my Ocd thoughts becuase I know finally that’s not true so Im gonna leave this here but I found your post very unhelpful to people here that ha
  21. Yes people are different some people have got anger problems etc but I’m talking about Ocd like people that got the kind of ocd I got so I have to disagree with that... I don’t think that and a lot of People on here I know will tell you different to becuase we are the most kindest people going.. obv depends of what other people have got in with it but Im talking about people with Ocd has this is a Ocd site..and if your saying the opposite then I don’t agree and I know many of my cbt theprist and pdoc have said the same to.. it’s not good you saying that becuase people with harm intrusive thoug
  22. Ok I get what your saying about what happened to you ... but Ocd people are not dangerous they are least dangerous people and they would never act on there thoughts so I have intrusive of killing people and intrusive thoughts of harming myslef so are you saying if I didn’t have help I could be a danger to myslef and others ? Becuase I disagree if your saying that..
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