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  1. It's worth pursuing private treatment if the therapist is experienced at treating OCD and is a member of an accredited body. No-one is perfect but the latter will give you some peace of mind. It's likely to be pretty pricy though. If you look on specific websites (I'm not sure if we're allowed to mention them here) you can find therapists who specialise in OCD. Personally I believe - and this is only my opinion - that sufferers can start to challenge their thoughts while waiting for therapy. I'm not talking about doing anything reckless but gently using tips suggested in some of the better literature.
  2. Hi. I know how distressed you are especially with sexual thoughts as I was tormented for years by them BUT believe me you are not done although you may think you are. This is a cruel condition which manifests itself in the most horrible ways but it's NOT reflective of you as a person. Define normal? 🙂 People in general have intrusive thoughts of all kinds but, for whatever reason, OCD sufferers take them way too seriously. I was diagnosed in the mid-90s and there was at that time very little understanding of OCD in the medical community or certainly not among the professionals I met. Despite everything that happened which I won't go into GOOD things also happened such as academic and professional success, travel and healthy relationships. Now at 47 I wouldn't say I was "cured" but I'm certainly not controlled by my thoughts like I was and pretty happy and relaxed much of the time. I swear that if you find a competent therapist experienced in treating OCD and you are prepared to put the work in - you can get better. There's a lot of hope.
  3. Oh it's no plight but thank you! I've not had a drink since Sept 5th 2018 and my life is better (much better) than it has been for years. OCD manageable, anxiety more or less under control and much more! Thanks again.
  4. The problem is "supposed" is not a term that can be used when it comes to psychotropic medication - in my view. Some people react positively to specific drugs and some people don't. To me prescribed medication for psychiatric conditions is a hit and miss affair. It took a long time for me to "find" a medication that seemed to help. If your psychiatrist is suggesting this you might want consider it by weighting up the pros and cons and having a look - without excessive ruminating - about potential side effects. Also if you have confidence in the psychiatrist and believe he/she has put thought into this suggestion I'd take that into consideration also. I'm sorry if this isn't the answer you were seeking but I genuinely believe we all react differently to medication as I have found. All the best, Phil.
  5. Medication is, in my opinion, something you need to weight up the pros and cons about. Anti-depressants are often prescribed for OCD and help some people and not others. Some people experience side effects and some don't. I'm not sure if this type of medication is additive but I've certainly experienced short-term withdrawal symptoms when coming off one or two. For many sufferers I THINK a combination of medication and appropriate therapy (CBT/ERP) really helps. A decent psychiatrist should have a balanced view and not be solely focused on medication.
  6. I'm not going to justify what I wrote on someone else's thread or what I wrote in my own post. I'm really sorry and I say that with no hesitation. It was wrong to do what I did on someone else's post and also a personal attack on Ashley was totally out of order. I can't really say more than that but I do mean it when I say I'm genuinely sorry. I've learnt from this believe me. Phil
  7. Ashley you're the chief executive of OCD-UK and also a sufferer but a) that doesn't make you above members in terms of being sarcastic and also you're no more an expert than me. You might think you are but you're not. If you want an adult conversation please start a new thread. I don't think I'm the only person who goes off on a tangent on someone else's thread but at least I've got the manners to admit it. Delete if appropriate but at least have the courtesy to explain to me why in a PM unlike the other week when a post of mine that was innocuous was removed with no explanation.
  8. Well to me as a sufferer of 25 years it seems like a catch-22 situation very similar to Health Anxiety Disorder. To be honest Ashley and maybe I shouldn't be saying this on someone else's thread I actually don't think it's as complicated as it's made out to be and I say that as someone who had multiple hospital admissions, tried every medication going and was offered ECT and talked about psychosurgery. We can go round the houses speculating about the causes and types but ultimately does that really help - really? Yes, information is good but on this forum for years on end I've seen the same people "stuck" and I don't mean that as an insult because I was "stuck" myself for years. As I said maybe not for this thread but why aren't some people moving forward (and often are getting worse) with all this information available AND help that wasn't around 25 years ago? My assumption is that if someone found their way to this forum that on SOME level they know it's OCD. None of this is meant insultingly but I actually think forums like this do some people more harm than good.
  9. Well as a heterosexual man I'm not turned on by every woman I see! Seriously I totally agree GBG but the problem to me is the OP's refusal to accept it's OCD unless I'm not seeing something else? My understanding is that if you look for "evidence" enough you'll find it - one of the worst things about the internet. Ten out of 100 people (say) will believe man didn't land on the moon and there's no reasoning with them.
  10. I HAD groinal "responses" about kids! It's got nothing to do with arousal or intent - nothing at all.
  11. I totally agree with Bodge. I was tormented by thoughts about hurting children for 20 + years with varying degrees of severity. Did I ever hurt a child? No. Did I (when I felt well enough) have loving and trusting relationships with children. Yes.
  12. I think I've been as guilty as others for not being as sensitive as I could have been at times but I would never judge anyone or I would try very hard not to. No-one should be put off posting or feel their voice isn't being heard or of value - it is.
  13. I read you were struggling to sleep but even so your other posts have given me a huge smile to start the day with! I'm so pleased for you! This is a massive achievement and I'm proud of you!
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