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  1. PhilM

    No alcohol, feel worse

    I didn't know this Ashley. My CMHT said they were going to refer me their as I said in a previous post.
  2. PhilM

    No alcohol, feel worse

    You might feel worse initially without alcohol which supresses anxiety to some extent (which always comes back though) but believe me(after six weeks of not drinking) you'll feel better after a while without alcohol as I do - especially as I'm on the last leg of a tranquilliser withdrawal program. It's not the solution to any manifestation of OCD.
  3. PhilM


    If you are taking Lorazepam which is a tranquilliser - you must steer of alcohol even in small quantities. http://prescription-drug.addictionblog.org/mixing-lorazepam-with-alcohol/
  4. PhilM


    Same sort of theme though Lily isn't it to be honest? You're getting responses which are giving you some reassurance from kind people but were is it going to end?
  5. A wristband bought from OCD-UK may seem simplistic but it has certainly helped me with "just a thought".
  6. It's not a question that can have a definitive answer - the journey is not linear. But I would disagree politely with the post above because in my view one day at a time IS important. OCD/anxiety etc. can wax and wane as I've found over 20+ years. Sometimes we feel like we're ok and sometimes we feel a real mess. That's why it's important to take good advice on board from long-term sufferers and do your utmost to see a competent therapist - here in the UK on the NHS (difficult as I have found) or if you have the funds see someone privately who has experience with this condition.
  7. PhilM


    Agree 100 per cent.
  8. PhilM

    OCD is horrible

    Yes but it seems to me that you are only saying "something silly" after cherry picking a response for reassurance?
  9. PhilM

    OCD is horrible

    Lily you are doing it again and again and again. Do you not realise the kindness and consideration people who are STILL suffering are giving to you? I think at some point you are either going to be moderated or excluded for a while to reflect on your posts. It's not a nasty thing by the administrators - it's a good thing in a way as it gives you time to reflect on your repetitive posts. We all know your distress but come on - you've had so much advice over the last x months.
  10. The way I see it (just my view) is that reassurance as I and others have explained is the KILLER for an OCD sufferer. I doubt very much that the kind and considerate people who are taking the time to respond to your posts are "tired" of you but ultimately (as far as I know) you are receiving treatment and all the rumination and posting long posts about your thoughts, feelings and "urges" is not going to help you. I use the members' section more now but I know how distressed you are - take on board the advice long-term sufferers of OCD (and we aren't professionals) are giving you and attempt to realise that a) appropriate therapy is key and b) the thoughts and "urges" are a manifestation of a very cruel condition. Please (if you reply) don't say "but, but, but". Best wishes, Phil.
  11. If you stay in bed ruminating you're pretty much guaranteed to feel worse believe me.
  12. I know Roy and thank you as always. I think I'm putting too much emphasis on the tranquilliser issue instead of realising the panic attacks can be part and parcel of the life of an anxiety sufferer? I don't know. I have no answers other than that I'm shocked when they happen intermitantally (excuse grammar as always).
  13. Thank you Skull - it feels to (just me) that the aftermath of a panic attack can cause a lot of mixed feelings. e.g. Am I going mad? How did I deal with it? Was it noticeable to other people that I was distressed? I've always found a lot of embarrassment around PA's but why?
  14. Thanks friends. It just feels a bit disorientating to be honest.
  15. To be honest Roy I feel somewhat demoralised by yesterday's PA.