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  1. PhilM

    Mental turmoil

    It happens to everybody at times whether they've got OCD or not.
  2. For the rest of your life? Seems like a very extreme prognosis!
  3. PhilM

    How do you.....

    Maybe it's not down to the therapist but your mind constantly finding different variations on the same theme?
  4. Why should any of us feel ashamed? We didn't want or ask for this condition.
  5. PhilM


    Without being mean - how many times have you asked about "meaning" to your existence?
  6. Thanks for the replies. I bumped into my friend's daughter pushing the pram yesterday and I went to meet the baby. He's a real cutie - he even put his hand round my finger!
  7. I just find it very hard to put things I've learnt over the years into practice when I'm struggling.
  8. In my personal life I think I have a tendency to over-compensate my feelings of guilt by trying to be as helpful and kind as I can possibly be. That's not to say I'm not a nice person - I know I am when I feel calmer and more at ease.
  9. PhilM

    Final request

    There are thousands of stories on this website.
  10. I don't really feel I have a lot to offer at the moment - I've allowed myself to get sucked back into a vicious circle of intrusive thoughts which obviously I'm finding very upsetting despite my insight into the nature of this condition.
  11. I'm almost off the tranquillisers but still taking 90mg a day of Duloxetine which I do not believe has any impact on my OCD or my mood. I have felt very low of late and the problems with my blood pressure have only made things worse.
  12. Thanks for the response. It seems like every time I think I'm getting to grips with this condition my confidence will disappear again.
  13. I've always cared about the welfare of children and that's why I've always thought how cruel it is that my main manifestation of OCD is the fear of somehow "involuntarily" losing control and hurting a child. My friend's daughter has just had a baby boy and I've had intrusive thoughts about hurting him. It's really, really distressing even though there is no actual intent there.
  14. PhilM

    Leaving the forum

    Lost you've been so kind to me and many other forum users despite your own problems. Please remember that even when you're feeling really low. Best wishes, Phil x
  15. PhilM

    No alcohol, feel worse

    I didn't know this Ashley. My CMHT said they were going to refer me their as I said in a previous post.