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  1. Yes Nikki we will! We have the best support here! I am currently reading the Brain Lock, great book 💪🏽
  2. OCD wants to keep the upper hand always, the method is not easy, we must just commit and stick to it... I am practicing the same actually... we can overcome this together, as many did before us...
  3. Good job! That´s the way to go.... practice makes perfect, just try the best to your abilities, it does get better...
  4. Hey Nikki… sorry you are in a bad place… are you seeing a therapist? What is your recovery plan? OCD is a serious illness, but with CBT/ERP plus medication if needed this thing can be overcome, that is the good news ❤️
  5. Hey everybody... I am practicing ignoring the thoughs and avoiding compulsions..is it common for OCD to latch on this recovery work? Lots of what-ifs are coming up when I do the exercises like: what-if you never recover... What-if that does not work for you.... what-if you are not doing it right etc.? Thanks so much as always...
  6. Thank you so much @snowbear, very well explained!
  7. Hey Nikki... I know what you mean, I am struggling myself as well with the acceptance of having OCD... How can we accept it without reassuring ourselves, as I want to stop all compulsions.... seems like a knot in my brain currently... maybe somebody else has some input...
  8. @PolarBear Thank you so much, I learned so much from you 🤗 and everybody here in this forum, i will try to put it all in practice and let you know how it goes… bless you all!
  9. As I am waiting for CBT to start, is it ok to start myself with the 4 Step method for my intrusive thoughts as mentioned above? Or any other book CBT book recommendation? Thanks so much in advance
  10. Unfortunately my OCD now latched on that "Maybe I am having hallucinations instead of intrusive thoughts" and put me in the rumination mode
  11. True @snowbear hallucinations can occur to almost anybody, i knew that, but i would not consider it as the classic anxiety symptom, that was just my point...that confused me a bit, but it was my interpretation and the schiz-ocd that made me ruminate i guess, because in my mind hallucinations are equal being delusional or mad... which is not always the case...
  12. Thanks @PolarBearfor clearing this up for me… it is just that i never heard of this symptom as a classic anxiety related symptom… i knew that hearing voices or hallucinations in general can be a symptom of many illnesses…but not anxiety
  13. Hey everybody… i am just reading a quote good book on Health Anxiety from Dr. David Veale… I was a bit astonished as i the chapter where he lists all the anxiety symptoms, he lists „hearing voices/mind noises“ as an anxiety symptom… is that a typo or did I miss something? Kind of scared me, as my main theme is schiz-ocd. I hope this is not reassurance seeking, I just never heard of this symptom with anxiety disorders. Thank you all… Markus
  14. Hi Corrie...i suffer from OCD as you but I do not have this theme actually...We treat any theme the same as I understood if this is an OCD obssession you are facing. If you have real worries that you could be infected, maybe just contact your doctor would be my advise. Surely he knows how to help you better...
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