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  1. Duh...Just worked out what JOGLE stands for!!

  2. Santa Claus is coming to town (so they tell me)

  3. trying to decide whether watching "silence of the lambs"tonight will be good exposure or put me in an early grave...

  4. I've had a better few days and the therapy prescribed has been helping me, but my mental strength/resilience remains very low and I am currently not able to take any of my usual nutritional supplements as my stomach upsets if I do. Some way to go yet.

  5. Do we have anyone on the forum who is a lawyer/solicitor?

  6. Have had 2 good OCD and health days

  7. Not doing too well atm - trying to see it as a chance to practise CBT. stay strong guys!

  8. Just left a note for my mum telling her about my BDD, so scared right now!!!

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