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  1. Sorry cant upload any pics ....thanks for your thoughts folks anyway . Need to shoot off now , and wont be able to reply sorry . Take care everyone 😊
  2. I’m trying to upload photos Bristol Chris but its too technical and i dont have time at the mo ....just on way to London . No its not moisturiser....you cant squirt that as he does .....its clear liquid , and moisturiser never comes as that . At the same time as him doing it , the words of the song on the TV advert says β€˜ Yeah just all the time β€˜ . So i am not certain , but i’m thinking its deffo not moisturiser No offence buddy ...just my thoughts . I respect your thoughts too though ....just in a rush so apologies if i came across as impolite 😊
  3. The chap is squirting his hands at a table with anti bac ....then rubbing them together several times , where they are covered in the stuff dripping . The lady looks at his hands soaking wet at the dinner table , raises an eyebrow and moves onto the next date on her phone ap. Its not a far cry from suggesting ocd in my mind , and i am pretty sure it was in theirs too ? I dont really know any other groups of people who do that in that situation πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ What other explanation could there be ? Anyway, rather than us two debate it out...... its been reported now and there has been an apology . So we can just see what the ASA says . I reported it in a nice way so no harm done . Good that we are all working together to raise awareness. Its a tough slog ....but we’ll get there in the end 😊 Apologies if I don’t get chance to answer the thread again , so busy at the mo , its chaos .
  4. Yes i think thats the one thanks DC82 .Thank you ! I have seen the shortened version on tv last friday and it made me so cross. Thanks for your response anyway . I managed to get an apology from Mercedes and told they will comply fully with the ASA requests . I have also contacted the actual advert makers to talk to them about it . No response yet , but i only did it last night. Like i say I am not easily offended ...but for some reason this advert disheartened me , having spent over 15 yrs of my life trying to work with media organisations to dispel stigma that goes around , you realise there is still so much to be done when stuff like this goes out . i appreciate your thoughts and do thank you for taking the time to respond with an interesting post . Thank you 😊
  5. As title suggests ....anyone else shocked by the Mercedes Benz latest tv advert . Not one to get offended often .....but this wound me up 😰 . Not sure if i can upload video or pics here .....but i have enclosed an extract from my complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority below . Doubt it will do any good . I quote ...... My complaint relates to the implication of an unsuitable date for the lady in a dating situation , as he is cleansing his hands with a hand sanitizer. This is an act associated with extreme obsessive compulsive disorder a mental illness and its inclusion as a topic for advertising is highly offensive on so many levels. As the gentleman is branded an unsuitable date as a result of his handwashing actions . How dare the people who wrote the advert think it acceptable to brand this disability in this way ! It only goes to add to the stigma faced everyday by sufferers like myself. Its like wheeling a man in in a wheelchair and the lady shaking her head and branding him an unsuitable date. Highly offensive and deeply inappropriate. Such a disappointment. Anyone else offended or just me ? I guess its hard for people to comment if they havent seen the actual advert . But it features a woman looking for a date and the man cleansing his hands is discarded as unsuitable for that action as the woman raises her eyebrows and eventually gets her desirable man and car . Really bad taste 😰
  6. Eddy

    Pure O

    Is this the one filmed last oct with Alex Morgan ? Thanks
  7. Hi. Awww....you sound like a really good mum . Well done for spotting that you daughter is anxious and for caring enough to look at what you can do to help . We can't really diagnose here as we are not trained to and have not met your daughter or anything , so its just my personal opinion , for what its worth and I may be wrong of course , but it does sound like ocd types of behaviour and extremely similiar to what I used to do as a child around your daughters age. In fact I started at the age of 5 ish . Is there anything particular going on at the moment in terms of extra stress that is making her worse than she usually is ? Anything at school or home etc . Of course you don't have to say , but its just something to look out for . If I am honest I would go to the doctors and try and get some help for her . Thats just my opinion and I am certain you know whats best for your daughter . Thats just what I would do and my opinion . Trust your heart . You know her more than anyone . The good news is she is such a young age she will be easier to help and much more receptive than someone who has struggled for many years with it like myself . I dont think you have anything to lose by getting her a bit of help . Again , just my opinion . Try not to be over anxious yourself ( easier said than done ...i know ) , but I know I used to pick up on my parents anxieties , so if you can remain as upbeat and positive as possible I am sure that can only help . All I have written is just my opinion . I am sure you know whats best :-) Good luck
  8. oh...forgot to say , you say above " like what the normal people feel " Mate no one is 'normal' we are all fighting demons, its just that some people hide them deep inside and others are open and honest about them . Every person that walks this earth will lose someone they love , will feel afraid , will experience lonliness, sorrow and despair at some point in their lives Its not 'them and us' No one is any different , we all struggle , its just we choose to be open about it . Pick a goal Bruces ...i challenge you Learn to ride a horse Run a marathon , Ski a mountain Canoe a river Ride route 66 on your motorbike Etc etc etc Choose something ....i challenge you :-)
  9. Bruces I dont post much on here because of the untold massive amounts of upset and anxiety it always causes me , but I had to post because I just read your posts and I feel for you :-( . What I have found is that you can't wait to feel better and then do things with your life. You have to do things anyway and THEN you will start to feel better . ACTION FIRST then FEELING BETTER comes later That means you have to drag yourself on your face and knees to do things , even though you dont feel like it . I can promise you I have spent years in hell wanting to die . But from somewhere inside you have to force yourself to carry on When you do things YOU WILL START TO FEEL BETTER But you have to make the effort to DO THEM FIRST It doesn't work the other way round I am forcing myself to learn to ski at the moment . What are you going to do Bruces ? Try something new. Stick at it and stick at it and stick at it and stick at it Its not going to happen over night . Pick A BIG GOAL. and go for it !
  10. Thank you . I was quite teary when i wrote it :-) x
  11. I personally think its always good to have different opinions from different experts . Broard spectrum . That way all schools of thought can be represented . And I feel reassured if sometimes experts disagree , as I feel comforted that at least all these people who are looking after us are considering all angles to help us. Almost like a second opinion and sometimes a third or fourth :-) I think in one way we have come a long way .....and i think in another we have almost not come anywhere. I must have read probably 30 books on ocd over the years , but the one that floored me to the ground , was a really early edition of a nurses handbook that my nan had over 85 years ago when she started nursing . Its almost like a medical dictionary with a few lines on all things medical ...... It had ocd in there and I was astonished at the concise , yet incredibly acurate description of ocd in there. Must dig out the book , but I was impressed with the author seeming to have grasped exactly what ocd is , so many years ago . What ever method of treatment you guys choose ...I pray it helps you . :-) Bless you guys x
  12. If you look at the history of medicine throughout the years , I am sure , for example, early heart surgery seemed crude and a failure at first , and our ancestors would have laughed out loud at the thought you could actually take a heart out of one person and put it into another ! Nowadays heart surgery is pretty standard proceedure , but back then it would have been ludicrous to even think it possible . Thankfully innovative medical pioneers pressed through , and remarkable advances in medical proceedures have been made and we are who we are as a human race because we continue to pioneer through medical breakthroughs . In years to come surgeons may have perfected these early crude brain techniques in helping people with ocd and another way may become the norm . We are perhaps people who will make history . We are on a journey through medical discovery . Lets hope so . I am sorry to say that even "the right" cbt does not work for everyone , ( though I am happy it seems to help many) . To date no follow up research has been done on a large scale as to the statistics for ocd staying away for a life time of those initially helped by cbt . Yes it may stay away for 5 years after cbt ..... But when you mother dies , or your wife leaves you , does it still stay away ? No research has been done on the longevity of the effectivness of cbt , so even that may have its limitations ? Not to dis cbt , but we need to be flexible in our thinking about anything and everything that can help us in the struggle with ocd . Just my personal opinion :-)
  13. Great programme . But the testing on animals bit :-( :-( :-( I was gutted beyond words with :-( Just my personal opinion Glad they edited and didn't show the dog part on tv :-(
  14. You don't have to be a member of ocd uk to attend the support group . Its open to everyone. Details are here http://www.ocduk.org/centrallondon . All are welcome . Whether member or not . Give them a go Pollyanna . You never know unless you try , and I am sure you will meet and make some good friends there. What have you got to lose ? :-)
  15. I feel lonely sometimes, sad sometimes, terrified sometimes and sometimes my pain hurts so much that i can not get up off the floor . The key word here though mate , is SOMETIMES , not ALL THE TIME like i used to , and those times are getting less and less now. Its not for me to preach at you and tell you what to do , I just wanted you to know that you have it in you to drag yourself up mate . One of the most important things I learned is that you have to act first and the better, more positive feelings will come later . You have to keep forcing yourself to do stuff even though you really dont want to , dont wait to feel better before you do stuff, do it anyway, act first , you will start to feel better later . Its not the other way round. Get the book :-) x
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